Donate To Women's March Global Singapore Chapter #米兔


Women's March Global is a non profit organisation, I'm the Singapore Chapter's ambassador, I have a series of events planned for 2021, I need your support to get it done!

After 26 years of volunteerism, sustaining on my own private funds up till now, I'm asking for donations for the first time.

This is due to the pandemic driven economic recession, lack of a robust local stimulus package in Singapore that can't last 1/4 of a month, I have exhausted my own savings. 

I have been socially penalised to the point of being seen a pariah by sexist or racist locals, western white supremacists and much more, no one wants to work with me because either I'm too westernised (see radicalised progressive thought leader) or I'm not the right kind of Chinese woman (see non-compliant take no bullshit ambitious high achiever) or not Asian American enough (see refusal to be colonised). 

Worrying about daily living, worries about saving up for my own eldercare has taken up far too much mental bandwidth in 2020, to the point I was burning out from the stress and felt I was close to clinical depression once again, it made me wake up to swallow my pride as a dignified self reliant woman and ask for help instead. 

You can take a quick look at my social impact here, so you can make up your mind. 

I have 26 years of experience as a volunteer activist, worked for Big 5 international firms, have 2 degrees, a wall of athletic trophies and over 15 years of experience in various aspects of social justice. 

I wrote about why #米兔 or metoo for Chinese women is vital at Women's March Global's website

Your donation will go fully to research, mobilisation, recruitment, graphic design for upcoming virtual events, social media engagement, website hosting and blog posts about issues affecting Chinese women, Chinese feminist history as well as cultural Chinese women issues.

It will not be used for my daily survival needs, which will be from selling some products on this website. 

I have sponsored the cost for designing this website, hosting it for 4 years, used my own efforts to gain an audience over various platforms as well as helped more than 5,000 women and men with domestic violence questions for free.

Due to the sensitivity of this issue, their information is to be kept confidential. I did answer more than 500 answers on Quora publicly about domestic violence and made more than 60,000 posts on all my social media platforms, including with two old permanently banned Twitter and permanently banned Spinster account (white feminism, much?).  

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