60 mins Mental Wellness Holistic Therapy


60 mins Mental Wellness Holistic Therapy is an extension of traditional talk therapy with an emphasis on integrative healing using tried and tested natural methods. I believe in an all-encompassing, pluralistic approach where I bring out all the answers within, along with concrete practical guidance.  

Your worth is innate, born into, not earn. I'm here to honour your journey, guide and support you in your chosen path.

The result is turning darkness to light, increased mind, body and spirit wellness, more connectedness to your inner being, living a life of abundance with profound peace. 

This is suitable for

Those diagnosed with a mental illness

Caregivers of someone who is mentally ill

Someone who’s unsure if he/she is mentally ill

It is only available via online chats, chat platform options will be provided.

18 years and above only. 

All sessions are held under strict confidentiality. 

My experience includes

2 bachelors' degrees, one in Fashion Merchandising, one in Communications

A corporate leader working for global brands

A certified mental health trainer to mental health specialists

Frontline work in the mental health industry

Work in the social service sector

22 years of lived experience as a caregiver

7 years of mental health research

4 years of volunteer mental health advocacy

Lived experience overcoming suicide and a mental health crisis due to PTSD

Abuse survivor 

I believe you are called to me for a reason and I'm glad to be of service. 

To love, light and peace,


For more information, go here.

Please make sure your email address is accurate, you will receive an instructional package with pre and post session techniques to maximise your healing.

This is not for emergencies. For emergencies, please call your local 24-hour hotline for assistance.

For check out in Singapore, transfer amount to POSB eSavings Account 050-67517-3.
Message or Whatsapp 90289149 with transaction number and product.
Thank you.