Blackilocks is not just an Asian Goldilocks in search of a life that's just right. Everything is about balance, within, between and throughout. She's a home for my spirit driven writing that has a life of its own. Writing is my passion, it's art, it's all of that and more, it's my calling to connect and heal through words. 

This calling started when I was 14, 25 years ago, it most certainly has morphed as I went along, my passionate for healing remains strong.

That was when I asked myself two big life questions. Why is there suffering in the world? What can I do about it?

It was to take me down the road of 25 years of volunteerism, 11 years of mental health advocacy, 3 years as an abuse educator, lifelong feminist, becoming a certified mental health trainer, working full time in social service with Citibank's Corporate Social Responsibility program, mid sized mental health charities and ad hoc grassroots activities such as community cat feeding, social change is has been my calling. 

An abuse survivor, a suicide survivor misdiagnosed with bipolar 7 years ago (turns out it was C-PTSD which explains the suicide attempts), experiencing clinical depression and chronic anxiety due to the misdiagnosis, I tried so hard and couldn't find a cure. It was exasperating, I felt hopeless, I soldiered on like everyone else, finding inner peace and lasting joy was the last thing on my mind. 

Between that and this, I got 2 degrees, travelled to 100 cities and lived an extended period in 3 places, did a stint in corporate advertising, decided I hated suits, did another stint in fashion, decided I liked style above fashion, both lucrative jobs, decided social service was my calling and no matter how far I run, it was never going to go away, so I might as well surrender and run with it. 

Hitting rock bottom in 2016 after being cheated on and lied to, sexually assaulted and falling down the stairs and breaking my ankle severely enough to require two surgeries. I was in deep despair as my 36 years of unhealed wounds overwhelmed me, I also had a spiritual breakthrough during that time, a Kundalini awakening that sparked the Holy Spirit living in me, flowing through me, this led me to set up this website.

As a highly intuitive Empath Psychic Feminist, my sensitivity to energy, fiery passion for social causes and natural inclination towards spirituality, allows me a worldview like none other.

My soul mission is to bridge spirit, the one and all, to worldly manifestation, to solve the world’s problems in a concrete practical way, bringing woo woo to the me too if you will. 

What an amazing place of light to be, astounding grace, miracles daily, living water flows through me.

I'm from the school of spirit aligned self-love to selflessness, I believe that no one is left out of the oneness, self-empathy and self-compassion is as important as empathy and compassion for others. If we don't know how to love ourselves, to fill ourselves up, we can't share the overflow with others. The persistent need to speak the truth has manifest in various enlightening experiences I hope to share with the world. 

I walk the path of a Goddess with a daily crown on my head, driven by a higher power that completes everything for me. From a former disempowered people pleaser under my genuine want to help others, I constantly exhausted myself, throwing myself under the bus to an empowered person who understands my innate worth, stands in my power. Transcending my old self wasn't easy, I'm proud that I made it without losing my integrity, retaining my intrinsic want to contribute to humanity. 

I believe we are all created for a purpose, free to live a meaningful life, intelligently  designed to impact others. Coming full circle isn't just a possibility, it’s a reality. 

I hope to inspire others to find their authentic selves, heed that inner voice, live a life of abundance and profound peace. 

With deep gratitude, a living well of thankfulness, let me into you, let you into me. Stay with me a little longer and feel free to find me on social media. 

Love Light Peace 


Quora Narcissistic Abuse Education https://www.quora.com/profile/Min-Lim-1
Founder of women only group Spiritual Feminist 
Founder of Handmade Singapore Facebook Group with over 3,000 plus members.

Worked with 

McCann Erickson Worldgroup, Singapore Association For Mental Health, Rosie's Place, Home for Little Wanderers, Mullen Advertising, Royal Sporting House Limited, Young Men’s Christian Association Singapore, Citi-Youth For Causes, Uni-Y Singapore, Central Narcotics Bureau, Panasonic, Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing, Stop and Shop, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen among others 

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Our Better World - Powered by Singapore International Foundation, La Belle Couture, Webguru, Datemypet.com, Britton Real Estate, Singapore Bipolar Bear, Man Fu Tong Welfare Society, Institute of Mental Health 

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Boy’s Brigade, Singapore Association of Mental Health, ACRES, Daughters of Tomorrow, Touch Community Services, Highpoint Community Services Association, Habitat For Humanity, Sembawang Family Service Centre, Young Men’s Christian Association YouthReach among others