Women's March Global Singapore Chapter #米兔

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#米兔 in Mandarin or directly translated to rice bunny or rice rabbit in English was popularised by mainland Chinese feminists, to evade Big Brother censorship and escape the Great Firewall in China, it's a homophone (mi tu) of me too. 

Cultural gender norms and traditional patriarchal expectations within Chinese communities that can exist in Western countries or in Asia are often taboo and not openly talked about, it is seen as losing face and bringing shame to the family. Severe social penalisations then occur for female activists, we're socially ostracised, picked apart under intense public scrutiny, facing family, dating and community rejections for being unwomanly "troublemakers", told we're not marriageable material and would fail to attract men, seen as social failures for refusing to comply to social norms of institutionalised marriage, child bearing and becoming stay at home moms.

Then persecuted by authoritative governments to silence dissent and made an example of within justice systems while suffering the humiliation of our names splashed in the news while people go "what about HIS future", "boys will be boys" and "not all men"!

While the level of support has increased with global metoo, the lack of narratives about specific Chinese cultural influences, especially family pressure, favouritism of boys over girls while growing up, long term effects of the one child policy in China and the two child policy in Singapore has led to massive rates of female infanticide, further policing of females because parents see us either as their only hopes or we're indebted to them if we're the 2nd or 3rd child.

East Asians AKA Chinese Asians are the scapegoat model minorities in western majority white or majority other race countries, where we're subjected to higher standards, face more school, work, family and community pressure to be role models but female high performers are still seen as sub human compared to male high performers, we're perpetual outsiders X 2, by race and by sex.

Much of the anti racism work from western countries focus on black and brown members of the Asian community, East Asians are rarely talked about, black and brown people in majority Chinese countries in Asia have the support of black and brown western activists, who see skin colour as the primary determination for discrimination, they have much more narratives that resonate with them and much more online collective education while Chinese feminists in Asia are left to fend for ourselves, as seen by Trump's xenophobic tweets in 2020 and the lack of sustained engagement about this issue, even the continued support for white feminists who're openly xenophobic, they're call sheroes, we get booted out of self named white feminist ran communities constantly, sometimes on sight or if we dare to ever talk about anti racism.

We're tainted by China's lack of human rights, nationalistic geographical suspicions that all Chinese people come from China, all support the mainland Chinese government, encounter fears that we're trying to bring China's idea of communism into the Western world while Asian governments are afraid of the opposite.

When people think rich Asians, they think East Asians, when they think successful Asians, they think East Asians, so the racist hatred of China's lack of human rights is seen as a convenient way of eliminating intimidating competition, filled with the facade of support which much less genuine grassroots or politician support beyond virtue signalling. Even Asians in western countries are white washed, can be nationalistic over anti sexist/anti racist, losing ideas of Asian collectivist culture, preferring Western individualism, seeing individual success as a marker of effective activism, placing capitalism and support for their content, issues as the most important, refusing to support Asians in Asia in return.

We see this in #boycottdisney, when Hong Kong was calling for a boycott due to one of the actresses openly supporting China's police, Asian Americans were doing the opposite, more worried about capitalistic ventures, boycotting activists who do not make their countries's issues top priorities.

The conflict of interest between east and west has been made harder by anonymous online actors which can be state appointed, genuinely interested or profit motivated propaganda by tech savvy people, small independent volunteers like us like the funding, manpower and a suitable political climate to grow our activism, our sacrifices are so overwhelming large, lost of work opportunities amongst one of our greatest worries, we volunteer for years, even tens of years and we're still demonised, showing us how much gender equality is a distant dream.

We need support now, we need support immediately, we need to highlight these issues immediately and act on them!