Singapore Green Swap Digital Pass


Each pass allows you to swap your preloved items for other preloved items. Items will be grouped into categories, the same as regular online shopping.

It's good for your pocket and also the planet. 

Only available in Singapore, it's a kampong effort to achieve zero waste through creating a circular economy. Completely online, you can swap day or night, you can scratch the shopping urge at low cost, get new items without sacrificing your financial freedom! 

Image from Zero Waste Masterplan

A linear economy is a take, make, waste economy. In natural resource scarce Singapore, our greatest resource is human talent, digitalised solutions for modern first world problems of overconsumption is key to a sustainable future! 

A more circular economy will:

  • reduce waste
  • drive greater resource productivity
  • deliver a more competitive economy
  • position Singapore to better address emerging resource security/scarcity issues in the future.
  • help reduce the environmental impacts of our production and consumption in both Singapore and abroad

We all have make up and skincare products that don't suit us. Costume jewelry, watches, shoes, clothes and bags that no longer bring us joy or have outgrown its novelty. 

It becomes stressful disorganised clutter that jam up our home spaces, when it can spark joy for someone else right now! Especially for make up and skincare, it needs to be transferred quickly, within the first try you know it ain't you, then it sits wasted, never to be used again! 

Without a fast convenient way to swap, pressing concerns about burning another hole in your pocket as well as the ozone layer by trashing useable items through traditional channels often end up in the paradox of inaction. 

Your clutter stays, you're still endlessly shopping for that dopamine hit, your buyer's remorse and guilt about wastage haunts you each time you see those things. 

When you're trying to stay on budget, being eco conscious shouldn't be this difficult! 

The spirit is willing, cognitively you understand the planet can't wait, time constrains are valid concerns that needn't deter you any longer! 

Our experienced marketing team will do it all for you, moderate the private ad free online marketplace, an especially designed hassle free swap site only open to cardholders, publicise the site to find more swappers so you get a large selection of goodies and choose monthly featured items to drive more traffic, without you lifting a finger! 

Log in, swap, get your new products and enjoy them! 

We will also be educating the group about related sustainable practices, holding monthly discussions about environmental issues.

Our main aim is making sure the space is a safe and conducive one, where people can replace the thrill of shopping by swapping, while cultivating conscious consumption! 


Eco Trial Pass

$19.90 for one month

Limited posting of 5 items 

FREE posting guide


Eco Home Warrior


Maximum posting of 20 items/mth 

FREE posting guide

Monthly email reminder to declutter 


Eco Planet Superhero


Unlimited posting 

FREE posting guide

Monthly email reminder to declutter 


Invitation link will be send after receiving payment, it's a private online experience without any annoying spam or pushy adverts! We also would never bombard you either, the annoyance of digital clutter is a real thing! 

Happy decluttering!