Singapore Green Swap

Organised by Abracadabra Home Organising, which I co-own with a friend.
Singapore Green Swap is an easy to use guided platform for hectic local city dwellers, who don't have the time to market a couple of items, want an efficient way to deal with their sayang to throw, "still good, don't waste" clutter. 
By rehoming them, someone else can spark joy instead. We all have items that we once loved, items we outgrew and items that might not suit a new space, a new stage in life. 
Kon Mari is a great method for one part of the clutter problem, we're improving on it to create a down the line circular economy for environmentally minded people like us! 
It's a great way to meet like minded people to discuss clutter dilemmas, to quickly swap in multiple categories all at once, it's tough to have a regular declutter habit when you don't have motivated eco warriors around you to spur you on! 

Skincare, make up, home decor, craft supplies, accessories from scarfs to belts to bags, shoes and jewelry to clothing is accepted. 
It's a moderated ad free invitation only space where weekly themed swaps will be promoted publicly by us, you just have to sit back and shop the selection from home. 

Related discussions will be held to rise consciousness, motivation is a sure thing, fun ways to declutter responsibly will be shared at no additional cost!