Crystal Fibonacci Symmetry Set


Spirituality is as mathematical as it's scientific, the only true spirituality is when it manifests in healing, increases calmness, results in concrete life improvements. If you know how perfectly made living things are, it helps you understand your divine sacredness.

It helps you understand our worthiness is a birthright, it is not earned through wealth, busyness or social station, anything worldly has been distorted beyond recognition to the purity of our spirits. 

Our worthiness exist as you exist, the very day you arrive into this world that's meant to serve your greatest self and the greatest good in this world. 

The Fibonacci Sequence, also called the golden ratio or golden number, is found in many animals and plants, used in architecture, landscape planning and interior design.

Pondering perfect symmetry through noticing the repetition in nature, using crystals to create endless designs can help you see beyond personal blind spots, expand your mind to increase spatial abilities, take a flexible adaptive flow approach towards life struggles. 

By bringing elements like crystals into your home, admiring the complex beauty that the creator made, you also understand your own beauty, remember you're a precious child of God. 


100mm diameter, 3mm thickness 

Set includes a handcrafted board, a bag of of 22 polished crystals

These crystals are natural, each batch various slightly, it's super fun whether you're new to crystals or a seasoned pro. 

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