Empaths RISE from ABUSE and see the LIGHT

Dear Empaths,

My heart bleeds for you. I always BLEED for Empaths more than others. You beautiful loving Empaths are those I lean on in my personal life for support. When I had no one, it was an Empath who reached out to me. Your open-heartedness to those in need is my motivation to reach out to others and my affirmation that there are indeed good people in the world. We are ONE. We are in this TOGETHER.  

It's gut wrenching to hear the stories of loving destined healers suffering so much pain, especially the fear of dating again. I have asked myself repeatedly over the years, what is this pain for? I had revelations along the way but since an awakening, I have much more access to energy downloads and have come full circle. My pain allows me to be a better healer, lived experience is the best experience there is. I'm not saying you deserve it, my dear Empaths, I know you will be the last person to hurt someone. You will be the last one standing there in the light, holding everyone's heart in your hands. You WILL grapple with what kindness and compassion means? How can you show Empathy and not tear yourself down?

I am saying we are here to ASCEND. Ascension IS destruction of old habits, leaving people who do not serve our highest self and propel us into the light. 

I was also deeply wounded by abusive narcissists. It took panic attacks, depression, anxiety among other things to wake me up. THERE IS HOPE. In your darkness, sometimes you cannot see light. THERE IS HOPE. Right after the darkest night of my soul, I had an AWAKENING. I survived and I'm here now, living whole and loved by self, fulfilling my purpose of being a healer, found my twin flame. 

Understand that our deepest pain provides the deepest revelations. It is oh so painful, so bloody painful. Every experience leads us to the light, even the terrible ones. You do have to learn your lesson or you will repeat it. YOU WILL LEARN THIS as us wonderful loving Empaths do, gifted at transmuting darkness into light. FOR OURSELVES first.

The universe never wants you to harm yourself. The universe takes special care of Empaths. We are the CHOSEN healers. Why else do we have an in-built ethical guide? We identify with the pain of others and feel it as they do. We must first learn how to protect ourselves first so we can do more for the world, NEVER in a way that tears us down. NEVER. It might not look like it now, but if you believe, it will happen. BELIEVE because I am living proof and so are many others. 

Drawing boundaries IS healthy, it helps relationships. It helps you and it helps you NOT be an enabler to others. By doing so, you no longer stand in the way of other people's growth and ascension. You're not being selfish or self-centred by doing so. It's healthy and it's the norm. You do have to learn your lesson or you will repeat it. I repeated it until it almost broke me for good and then I learned.

So my sisters and brothers of the light, stop hurting me by finding a balance already. 

Love, light and peace, 


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