5 Min Empath Reboot

Day 17 of 365 Days of Being

You have a light in your heart, that generates great empathy. You're a lighthouse, guiding passing ships to safety. Even if you don't know it yet, it signals safety to others. This safety is a magical gift to the world if used wisely. To heal, you have to heal self first. To love, you have to love self first. 

You ever see a lighthouse become a buoy? No. Buoys are unanchored floats serving as navigation markers. 

Buoys are constantly tossed in the stormy sea of humanity, it's a temporary place, often taken for granted. Lonely, adrift, misunderstood. Silently watching ships pass, yearning to find safe ground, thinking wait for me, never quite finding either. 

Lighthouses don't seek to save, they seek to guide. They relinquish their own egos to not take other people's darkness into their own hands but shine a continuous light in stillness, a state of be. They remain the same, day and night. Through the stormy seas and foggiest nights, light shines through the  illusions of darkness, trusted is the light in me. 

Lighthouses don't chase, they shine their lights and say, I am here, come find me. I am here, confident that they are seen by many, light wins dark, this is universal law. They don't drift like buoys, they know the tide can turn rapidly, some are for you, some will use you, some will actively tear you down. Boundaries are necessary, may harm never come to your being. 

Even if it stays afloat after a storm, it's still a temporary place, a lonely place. Finding your forever place is imperative. Unless you step into your rightful place, recognise your worth, become rooted in your being, you will always think you're a buoy and not a lighthouse. 

When it comes to that, who saves thee? 

Love, light and peace. 


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