10 Kinds Of Toxic People To Avoid

Day 255 of 365 Days of Being

Toxic people come in all shapes and forms, they play different roles in our lives, it can be a family member, a partner, a friend or a colleague. Their invisible toxic vibes immediately drag us down, ever felt the energy in the room dip when someone enters it? That's a toxic person. When you're intuitive, immediately dislike someone for no reason, that's a toxic person. Their toxic actions distress us further, being around them even for a short period will irritate you, being around them permanently is sure to spin you into a state of exhaustion plus psychological breakdown. Empaths who don't yet know how to protect their energy are especially susceptible.

Many of the toxic behaviours are intertwined which makes their energy even more potent. It's taking energy poison and they have no clue it's happening. A high vibrational person by the nature of the high vibrations in a be state benefits them, they too have no idea about this. So it's all in and no out. 

When we work hard on our wellbeing, it ain't worth it to lose our peace and joy to them. When you know how to spot them, you can avoid them or draw boundaries to safeguard your scared space and inner sanctuary. 

1. The Small Minded 

Small-minded people just want to reinforce their world views, they stay permanently stuck at a stage in their lives, even after experiencing repeated failure, they refuse to gain new information. They often ignore sage advice, they wouldn't admit it was good advice even after their own experiences prove it. Their small minds means they don't give credit when credit is due. 

2. The Highly Critical 

They ignore all things healthy and good, always zoom in to criticise, chronically discontented, they take their discontent out on others to temporarily feel good about themselves, reverting back to their discontented selves quickly. Constructive criticism leaves you feeling empowered and more able to face your challenges.  When it comes to the highly critical person, you feel even worse after hearing what they have to say. 

3. The Superficial 

They are interested in popularity at all cost, often lacking the willingness to invest in building relationships, off to the next clique or person quickly. They have many friends but no real friends. They have many activities, their lives look full when they're really empty inside. 

4. The Egoistic 

Egoistical people are also small-minded, the difference is that they have an inflated sense of self, a small-minded person might not have an inflated sense of self. They tend to bite off more than they can chew, the level they over estimate themselves is the same degree they under estimate others. This includes saying, "it's so easy" or "what's the big deal?" They never ever do what they think is easy, if they try, they will fail and hide it or blame others to avoid accountability. 

5. The Jump To Conclusioners 

They often take things out of context, put words in your mouth and jump to conclusions. They are always playing complete the sentence in their own heads, having a conversation with them is like pulling teeth, agonising and can be avoided with daily healthy habits. 

6. The Permanent Victim 

The Permanent Victim is the person who always feel victimised in all scenarios. It's always someone did something wrong, someone is terrible, the circumstances aren't optimal. This is not when someone is indeed victimised and working to recover. This is playing the victim to prey on empathy as a source of manipulated comfort. They never ever climb out of victimhood, living diminished unfulfilling lives instead. 

7. The Suspicious 

The Suspicious range all the way from paranoid to defensive to distrustful. This isn't a regular kind of healthy discernment or caution. This is picking things to fight about, to prove their suspicions right. The paranoid also twist and make up stories, being around them is just plain tiring, you constantly feel you have to justify yourself. Even if you do, it doesn't matter. They tend to be small-minded too. 


8. The Ignorant 

They live in self-denial about themselves, denial about others and social issues. When they can't cope with the truth, they will deny it's existence or sweep it under the carpet and ignore it. They often over estimate themselves, so that doesn't help. What is ignored will fester so relationships always end in disaster.

9.  The Complainer 

They complain about everything that can be resolved with a quick solution, blowing things out of proportion. The Complainer can also be The Highly Critical, both are chronically discontented, dragging others into their misery. 

10. The Narcissist 

The Narcissist has no empathy, everyone and everything are means to an end. You will be abused and manipulated like nobody's business. A narcissist isn't a typical self-absorbed person, a narcissist is chronically and clinically selfish. In the eyes of a narcissist, you're a non-entity, you are a useful tool in the web of destruction. 

Love, light and peace. 


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  • Rebeca Eigen says...

    When you immediately don’t like someone you don’t know that is called “shadow projection.”

    May 21, 2019

  • Petals says...

    So much value in your posts. I am learning to ‘let go’ of the bad energy stolen from me on a daily basis. Thanks for your postings and helping us learn as I didn’t know until last year what an empath is, “me.” I value your page.

    September 26, 2018

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