Inspiration / self-doubt

Writer's Block

Words are truths on paper 
Freedom of the spirit 
To connect each other 
As one people 
Words are a caravan of drifters 
toothless grins
Desperate to proof their worth 
a golden ticket of approval 
Kept hidden under criticism 
Squeezed into tight cages 
no movement 
Lambs led to slaughter 
bleating for mercy 
Butchered in the heads of others
killed before its time 
Never allowed to grow

Inspired by all writers or poets who doubt themselves, you are listening too hard to others. I have moments of self-doubt too. I don't fit into the traditional Singaporean mentality of who or what a writer or poet should be. Precisely. I am exactly where I want to be. I choose to sit in my own space and risk being understood, pushing boundaries and connecting. Some will get me, some won't. I am perfectly OK. So to any of you aspiring writers and poets like me, keep on writing! 

You can find Piece of Me by Sonya Fu here

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