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Oil on Water

You stopped to check on me that day
I was surprised that you even bothered
I think of you from time to time
Subtlety is your armour,
Clarity my shield
We remain like oil on water
There but not quite
Some things are best left unfinished
Even if it barely started 


Oil on water is about a girl who speaks to me at 2 am and we never met up. I had to honour my relationship then and told my partner about her. That was then, now she is with a wonderful partner, I hope she is genuinely happy. Best wishes, oily girl. Submerge and if you can still breathe, that is the one for you. 

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Writer's Block

Words are truths on paper 
Freedom of the spirit 
To connect each other 
As one people 
Words are a caravan of drifters 
toothless grins
Desperate to proof their worth 
a golden ticket of approval 
Kept hidden under criticism 
Squeezed into tight cages 
no movement 
Lambs led to slaughter 
bleating for mercy 
Butchered in the heads of others
killed before its time 
Never allowed to grow

Inspired by all writers or poets who doubt themselves, you are listening too hard to others. I have moments of self-doubt too. I don't fit into the traditional Singaporean mentality of who or what a writer or poet should be. Precisely. I am exactly where I want to be. I choose to sit in my own space and risk being understood, pushing boundaries and connecting. Some will get me, some won't. I am perfectly OK. So to any of you aspiring writers and poets like me, keep on writing! 

You can find Piece of Me by Sonya Fu here

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I knew you at 7 
I knew you at 14 
I met you when I was 25 
Now I talk about you as a prize 
I can't wait for eternity 
You fill my heart with new beginnings 
We find each other continuously  
I hope there is an after life
Where we continue this 
Once in a lifetime 
So blessed are we 


A discussion whether you can fall in love with someone you have never met lead to this. A husband who talks about his wife with such revered beauty, it touched my heart. He was the one that stood out to me. He is lucky, there is no doubt or maybe he just tuned in more to his heart and didn't stop looking. 

Find the image here. 

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En Garde

Now I know what it means 
To love someone from my dreams 
You told me what you need 
I wanted to tell you I am your everything 
Instead I called out what you really need 
Yourself in all its glory 
I sense you aren't ready for me 
You want to fight but I want peace 
I have to stop myself from taking over 
Eager to heal the pain I will always be 
Start from when you became a clown 
To hide your insecurities 
Your growth is happening 
It's quite pleasant to see 
A girl becoming 
Just letting her be 


En grade is about someone guarding her heart fiercely, a necessary stage when someone is becoming. She's not really herself now, I sense it fully. A caterpillar becoming a butterfly, oh how beautiful is she. 

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Bloodshed on Tiggy-Winkle street is by Xue Wang


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