Breakthrough Earthing, Visualisation & Meditation Healing Technique

Day 268 of 365 Days of Being

As I was earthing (also called grounding), my spirit created this for me. But of course the universe bears an everlasting abundance of gifts. I am always full and whole. I created this technique that combines earthing, visualisation and meditation, called Oneness Meditation. Uno dos tres, it's about harvesting the kundalini life force by becoming the tree of life. 

Earthing is walking barefoot on dry soil or grass, it's important that it's dry or you will absorb water, possibly cause water retention. Earthing reduces inflammation of the brain and body, it helps improve our mental health, also prevents other diseases. Visualisation helps our minds release our dreams into the universe, unlock a limiting mindset and release infinite potential within. Mediation is of course wonderful for a calm peaceful mind, free of noise and clutter. 

Step 1

Stand still, both feet planted on the ground, arms hanging naturally by the sides. Close your eyes when ready. Imagine the Qi or energy (earth's negative ions) go through your left leg, up your torso, rise through the neck, make a U-turn in your brain and down the same way through the right side. Out through your right leg into the ground, completing the circle into the earth and up through the left side. Take all the time you need. 

Step 2

Imagine you're one with the earth, you're a perfect ecosystem, always connected to the energy of Gaia, you're the cycle of life, you're love, you're life itself. Let your body naturally sway with the energy flowing through you, relaxed and intuitive. I know I was intuitively doing a dance, where I felt like a gorgeous mermaid swimming in air or a drifting carefree seaweed bobbing along, depending on my mood of the day. As long as your feet is connected to the ground, it's OK. Let your intuition and imagination lead. 


Step 3 

Do this until you feel you have merged into the earth, you will feel rooted like a tree, all joy and peace, no stress, no pressure. Your mind is free and empty. You have a smile on your face, your face relaxes and you're experiencing bliss on earth.

Joyous, peaceful, contented. 

Step 4 

Raise your hands up towards the sky, imagine you're a tree growing upwards. As you extend upwards, your arms become branches, you're becoming the tree of life. Let your imagination run wild and free. Are there birds resting in your branches? What colour are the leaves?

You're flourishing and abundant, full of fruits, bursting with the goodness of oneness. I saw my tree suddenly burst with fruits, flowers and birds, it's such an amazing sight! Like a sudden stream of flowers bursting from a clown's pocket. This miracle never ends, it goes on and on and on. 

Is the trunk (your torso) strong and sturdy? Is there an owl playing peekaboo from it's home? I love owls, I hope you love them too. There's no wrong or right, it's all fun and games. Spread the wings of your imagination, let it fly free. Go wherever you want to, there are no limits. 

Step 5 

Reach as high as you want to go, I reached all the way to the clouds and morphed from a brown tree with green leaves into a beanstalk. How fun is it? Like the one in Jack and the Beanstalk. It made me laugh. How blissful and joyous. 

I imagine animals climbing the beanstalk and had such fun. A curious squirrel scampering up the stalk, birds twittering, butterflies fluttering like my lashes. My arms are long, invincible, I am tall and strong. Nothing is impossible, nothing is out of reach. I am a living breathing tree version of Elastigirl, stretching upwards indefinitely. I can go as high as I want, no one and nothing can stop me.

I am fearless. I am strong. I am invincible. 

Step 6 

I imagine breathing in the cool fresh air of the heavens, in the middle of the clouds, all is calm and at peace. This is my place, this is my oneness, I am one with the world, the world is me, I am the world. 

I am full. I am whole. I am complete. 

Give yourself ample time to finish this, 45 mins at least, relax and honour your spirit. Don't be surprised if people stop and stare, they can feel the good energy, your vibrations of joy and peace around you and inside of you. I know when I opened my eyes, I had an audience! LOL. This technique is so good, as I write about it, I feel so much joy, looking forward to how my imagination can run wild again. 

If you're shy or introverted, find a quiet spot. Don't push yourself, honour your comfort. There are some affirmations mixed with what I wrote above, if you need to repeat them, please do. I already have some new ideas while writing this, like adding a Golden Goose LOL or a treehouse in the clouds. This is not only for this period, this is also for other times as well, we're the tree of life, we can continuously add to it. Most importantly is take this as a guide, make it uniquely your own, after all there is only one ecosystem of you in this world.  

How precious is it? 

Love, light and peace. 


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  • Laura says...

    I’m unable to earth due to my pronation of my feet 🙁 I used to then realized i need to take care of my feet/spine and as a result, no more earthing. Boooo

    November 21, 2018

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