You ARE crazy

You are absolutely crazy. So raving mad. To believe all the soul crunching things someone said to you. To believe you are lesser when you are powerful beyond belief. To keep quiet when someone stomps on your worth. Allow yourself to be angry because people can be really insensitive and uncaring. Not knowing how to love is no excuse for hurting others. Stand your ground and protect your heart.

Call the fools, fools, for not understanding humanity for what it is. A continuous journey of self-discovery which consist of some U-turns, some ups and some downs. 

The common misunderstanding about suicide is that it is an end to suffering which is a collective symptom of mental illness. When it is really about searching for a way to live the truth in a broken world. 

Show me someone who hasn't been down and I will show you a life less lived, a mind unchallenged and a shallow existence.

Educate the ignorant or walk away quickly if they refuse to listen. Don't let them contaminate the life you work so hard to build. You can't build anything if someone is always tearing you down. Draw clear and persistent boundaries, say no and stick to it.

Continue to feed your spirit, mind, body and soul every day. Look to inspirational people, search for meaning in your experiences, heal your own pain and love your solitude, lean into spirituality or religion.

For you have to be enough for yourself. You have to learn how to save yourself. Someone can guide and support you, no one else can walk your path for you. 

People will always have their own views and it's OK, you remain centred in your being. Create a forcefield of love for yourself, from others and magnify that to the world.

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