Best Wishes


May you feel free to walk a thousand miles and always find a place to rest your feet

May you have the courage to love outrageously 

Fail gracefully

Pick yourself up repeatedly 

Move quickly, step cautiously 

May you remember home when you are far away 

Taste the warmth of family 

The strength of friendship 

The motivation of dreams

The passion of romance 

Live each day like your last

Start each day like it's your first 

Savour the simple things 

Have patience for the complexity of people 

Make wise choices 

Stop and think a little, love a little 

Create a little, be kind a little 

Let go of past hurts that hinder your future 

Live in the present 

Look towards the future 

Know that fear is nothing in the face of possibilities 

You are worthy, you are loved and you are valued 

Simply because you are made to be beautiful 

Share your inner brilliance with the world 

Share what makes you you 

Love, light and peace, 


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Image by Tatiana Kirgetova



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