Day 11 of 365 Days of Being - The Link Between Mental Health & Meditation


Day 11 of 365 days of Being

I noticed someone in mental distress and mentioned how meditation helped me. I was immediately dismissed. I’m used to it, I would rather it not happen, there’s no good reason that I would want it to happen. At the same time I come with my best intentions and my highest self so I’m OK with any reaction. My eternal bosses are my spiritual guides, not anyone else. 

It did make me think, why this reactionary rejection? Something else happened in 2017, I posted in a Facebook depression and anxiety support group, I wasn’t looking for support so it was with the intention of supporting others. I posted "what are your thoughts about mental health being linked to spiritual warfare?” Before I could answer the deluge of comments slamming the idea, I was promptly booted out of the group. The administrators didn’t check that I did have a history of providing support in that group. 

I have never been booted out of any groups, so it came as a surprise. A first. Again, it made me ask why? I posted what happened on my personal Facebook profile and the feedback stunned me, that people linked it to morality, which wasn't my intention at all. I think mental illness is unfortunately an equal opportunity killer. 

This gulf between spirituality and mental health is a huge one. It took me 7 years to bridge this gulf within myself so I’m not surprised. I consider myself lucky that I can live whole and find profound peace in this lifetime. I moved from conventional stress management – exercise, psychiatric medication, therapy to meditation, energy management, spirituality, etc.

The way I see spiritual warfare is this, it happens to everyone daily, it’s a matter of how conscious someone is of it. People think of dramatic demonic scenarios when they think about spirituality. Most of the time, it manifest in being trapped in despair, continuous negative thinking and emptiness within. As much as our minds and bodies can be in battle, so can our spirits. People who suffer from mental illness aren’t singled out for sure. This is something that requires management from everyone.

The spirit is our internal CEO, the monkey mind and confuse heart are the managers, our physical bodies are the vessels that allow us to execute our soul missions. Since the spirit is the CEO, align the spirit, all things will flow. Aligning the spirit requires conquering the monkey mind and confused heart first, bypassing it will not work. The ego says control all, then I will find peace, the spirit says find peace and all will flow. 

I see meditation as spirituality 101, an entry to spirituality. Even this it appears is controversial. Awareness is key when it comes to mental health, it’s also key when it comes to higher consciousness, it’s not a coincidence. Knowing the larger picture of life AKA higher consciousness is as important as executing the daily details of living AKA awareness of self, awareness of others. Since everything involves humans, the understanding of humanity is as important as being a human.

I think the confusion about meditation is when someone experiences exhaustion due to mental illness or the side effects of medication, something that’s seemingly still is the furthest thing from their minds, when being productive and energetic is first priority. Sometimes sitting still is a challenge in and of itself as well. I experienced this when I was prescribed the wrong psychiatric medication, I couldn’t sit still for 5 mins, My health plummeted, there was an unnatural tiredness of the muscles as well as a sleepiness that's vastly different from being tired after yoga or after a productive day.

A calm peaceful state that meditation offers is one that grounds you, imagine a tree that grows roots into the soil, absorbing all the nutrients. This stillness is a deeper state of rest than even sleep offers. It’s a connective state of rest, where you can hear your inner voice clearly, where your spirit can roam freely. Over time, it clears all chakra blockages within, one straight line to heaven.

Sleep is recharging our physical bodies, like the battery on your smart phone, meditation is organising the applications, clearing up the clutter for essential applications. The less unnecessary applications you have open, the longer your battery life, the more energised and productive. You have to delete the old applications, to make space for new applications. Think of these new applications as healthier habits that will manifest in a brand new healthier you.

If you’re suffering from mental illness, in a state of despair, what do you have to lose? Except the irritation, negative thoughts and that state of exhaustion. This is a far better option than medication,  often a trade off between effectiveness and side effects. Medication does have it’s place in mental healthcare, it sure isn’t the be all end all. I'm medication free, healthier in mind, body and spirit than I have ever been, even compared to before my mental health crisis.

I have walked this road, if it didn’t work for me personally, I would have a hard time advocating it. I wish someone told me this so now I’m sharing this. 

Love, light and peace. 


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  • Kevin Taylor says...

    Excellent article, i had similar issues with mental health due to a spiritual awakening, the fact that i had to deal with alone has led me to my soul purpose, which is to help others who are going through this. Excellent well done

    January 27, 2019

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