10 Ways To Protect Your Energy

It's hard being in a crowd if you're sensitive to energy, social occasions can be draining. Be it high intuition or other spiritual gifts, before you know how to ground yourself, it can potentially making you feel mentally or physically ill.

Writing as an Empath myself with high intuition plus a list of spiritual gifts, I am now able to manage my energy so I can use it quickly to heal self and others. 

I have gone from a person with bipolar (misdiagnosed but same symptoms) to medication free, healthier in body, mind and spirit than most. I even had an awakening! I never thought I would get here, I worked so hard, I'm also thankful I did. 

Self-care is always a priority. If you're travelling, bring portable versions of them. Be it yoga mat, essential oil roll-on, running shoes, crystals, singing bowl, etc. Everyone have their favourites so bring those. Start your day right and the rest will flow. 

If you're going to be home, make sure they're right at your finger tips. You will be comforted knowing they're readily accessible. 

Make it clear that this is essential me time from the get go so everyone has time to be comfortable with it. Everything comes from self, so if you're not your best self, you won't be able to enjoy the festivities with others, similarly you won't be able to give freely if you're not overflowing.   

If someone offload their problems onto you and you're unready, quickly excuse yourself. The "excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom" works well. There's a time and place for everything. If you feel ready to assist, assist, do not feel obligated to do so. Everything is energy, everything we say, do or feel can be picked up, whether it's consciously acknowledged or not. 

You might meet people who have hurt you in the past, avoid them as best as you can. There're some people who no matter how much you try to create understanding, isn't ready. Honouring their time and place is the best thing you can do.

Understand that your worth is innate, born into, not earned. What someone do or say is a reflection of them NOT you. I do meditations throughout the day as and when I need them, you can quickly skip to the loo to meditate if needed. No, not MY LU, your loo. The bathroom. Hahahah. Or you can practice these affirmations. 

Imagine yourself in a bubble of white light to shield yourself from the energy flux. If you have a specific colour that's comforting to you, you can use that too. If you don't, use white as a default. I imagine myself being Bubble Boy or inside a Star Trek forcefield, use whatever version is fun and speaks to you. Rising your vibrations include incorporating fun into healing. Yes, healing is a serious matter, that's exactly why it's helpful to lighten the energy. 

You're here to live large, love and be love. You deserve all the joy and fun in the world! 

If you have yet to master being present and being in a bubble, you can try erecting a temporary shield, I imagine it floating front of me. It will block the energy of the person speaking. You can set it down after, like you would an actual shield. In time, you would be able to be fully present, even tune in with all your gifts while being in your bubble. 

Notice your energy after interaction. Someone's energy might be disrupted for many reasons, it doesn't always mean they're toxic people. They might be anxious due to the hectic activities or for various very human, temporary challenges. Show some understanding if it's a temporary fluster. Share some of your self-care techniques if they're open to it, they might just thank you for your kindness. 

If you continuously feel drained, stay away from that person for the duration of the party. Protecting your own energy starts from self first, after all you're the common denominator in every situation. You can always ask after them when you can manage it. 

Having adequate protection is vital to your wellbeing, being defensive isn't productive for your growth. Part of energy protection is minimising backlash. Many energy sensitives feel lonely and misunderstood, it's hard to open up to others after being hurt. Many energy sensitives are also eager to help others. The rule of thumb is even though you sense someone hurting, doesn't mean someone is actually asking for help. They have a right to their privacy, as well as their stage. This can backfire if you're not careful. It makes others feel too vulnerable too fast, even if you have the best intentions. Some might even find it intimidating and shun you. 

If they're like-minded people willing to create deeply meaningful relationships with you, it's worth the investment. You're not here to travel alone, travelling together makes it all the more amazing. 

Pace yourself, trust takes time to build, you can't rush it. When in doubt, ask questions instead. Go here for The Practice of Doable Kindness. Kindness for self will result in the abundance we need for others, this is my revelation that has benefited my life in many ways. 

Say no and feel no guilt about it. It can be tough at times, we all want the social interaction to go smoothly after all. Think back to those times you were pushed to a corner and felt lousy after. If you stand firm now, it will save you a whole lot of headaches, it's well worth it. 

If you find yourself unable to say no, forgive yourself, you can always press the reset button and try again. The reset button is available for every situation and you can press it as many times as you like, so no worries at all here.

If you're a recovering nice girl, be kind to yourself, after all you're dropping years of old conditioning. Acknowledgement is the biggest step and you have taken it. If you don't know whether you're a nice girl, go here

Make early plans for party shopping.  Protecting your energy, includes protecting your energy from your own habits as well. When we take ownership of our own energy, we increase self-awareness, in time, you would have an awakening, access to profound peace and unlimited abundance beyond your wildest imagination. This process can be accelerated by the teachings that resonate with you.


The universe is working FOR you right now! When you shine your light, the possibilities are endless. You are not alone, we are one, all essential threads in the fabric of humanity, all precious and interconnected. 

Love, light & peace, 


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