What Stormé DeLarverie's Spirit Says To Lesbians in 2019

Someone told me if I didn't stop running, I will be running the rest of my life -Stormé DeLarverie

Sometimes I feel like I have the universe behind me -  Stormé DeLarverie

Because she did.

In a sense I know what she means, when I had zero shits left, hit rock bottom, decide to stop centering males. Decided to stand up, stop running. I stood in my stillness, I felt my power, understood I have the universe behind me. I started experiencing synchronicity, the experience every awakened spiritually aligned person understands. Where the world moves for you and not you try hard to move the world. 

I communed with her spirit and this is what I got. 

"To remember my legacy and not let it die, to keep reminding those who want to rid the world of my spirit that I am indeed alive. Breathing, living and striving within each and every one of you. To remember that fearlessness I had that started the Stonewall rebellion is in every lesbian today, from Ellen Degeneres to Angela Wild of Get The L Out to every single lesbian out there.

We past the baton when it's our time, we receive the baton when it's also our time, we never lose sight of each other, we are side by side, arm in arm, every single day.

No matter how far, like-minded hearts brush shoulders with angel wings daily, through a higher power, we can be far in physical distance, we are one at heart, let no one tear us apart! We see, we know, we sense the presence of each other. 

God is a she, remember this. Men will always tell you otherwise, that you need to center them or you won't make it, you need to rely on them or its hopeless, that you need to to lean on their shoulders for comfort when they have always been leaning on ours, the free emotional and mental labour we give away, never to come back, drifted off into the wind, yet to be recognised. 

Put that energy into your life, rise in spirit and find the God her. 

Cutting off womanhood by the roots is the way they kill us, the way they butcher us like inconsequential trees grown randomly on the side of the dusty road, we didn't JUST happen, we fought for ourselves, we MADE our lives HAPPEN.

No man handed it to us, they were always against us. 

It's your choice, you want to be a piece of meat on the chopping block or you want to be free, free to love yourself deeply without reservations, free to give the world all of you in ways that hold meaning in your hearts. 

Learn to stand alone, learn that standing alone means you can stand together alone, come to the table with your strong opinions, we need diverse lesbian voices from diverse lesbians, let no nationality, ethnicity, creed, race, religion tear us apart, we are one and there's always enough to go around. 

We are stronger when we're together. 

You by yourself is revolutionary and don't you forget it! Challenge yourself to stand alone when the situation calls for it, to not cave into popular opinion, conform in any way that distresses you. As a lesbian, you have the strength of a million horses riding by your side, sister to sister, woman to woman, side by side. By our spirits, we meet and greet, love and laugh, cry and die together. 

When one woman isn't free, none of us are. 

The we curl up and have a cup of tea, read a good book, relax into ourselves, self-care well. Our bodies are political, it is a form of personal resistance, a good life, a healthy one, a happy one, a purposeful one. 

In our joy and peace, we show them, we might tear, we might scar, we are still here and we are never going away! 

We love them, we sleep with them, we treasure them, we commit to them. Women are our lives, day in, day out, we look to protect them, serve them, worship them and love them deeply. 

Perhaps you assume life as a lesbian was harder then, I would say life as a lesbian is harder now. This might surprise you, how in a way I got it good. Life was chaotic then, I was also free, in the chaos, we can sometimes hide within the mess, not feel out of place, alone and adrift in the wind. We got messy together and it's OK to get messy together, it's good to get messy together, be loud, go out screaming and shouting, never let yourself down easily. 

Never let them win! 

We didn't always agree with each other, that doesn't mean we hate each other, this idea is a seed thrown by men deep inside womanhood, to grow a tree of good and evil within a forest full of trees of life, to pit woman against woman as they enjoy the spoils of our labour.

By cutting off the network of our roots, stamp out the way to reach our core beings, we find no permanent home or everlasting gush of living water. To be each other's lifelines, we have to really believe we're in this together, we sink or swim together, as one. That we are trees with roots, connected through a network of truth, love and light, tied by our female bodies that look so unique in it's beauty, from soft silky skins to hard muscled biceps, skirts and heels, boots and shirts, belts and chains, free from impossible beauty standards, we can be whoever we want to be. 

When times get better, sometimes we spilt apart because we don't need each other as much, so the universe gives us suffering to wake us to something greater and bigger than ourselves. We take each other for granted and start to take womanhood for granted, despise our differences instead of see the good in everyone. Men sow discord, creating friction with their hands on our throats, weaponising their false victimhoods to save their fragile egos that cannot tolerate the truth and light of a woman.

In every lesbian's life will come a time she has to stand up for something greater than herself and this is your time. You can feel it, that fire rising inside you, you are pissed and you can't take anymore of this bullshit. It is not OK, you are not OK. Fear not, I am watching, summon me when you need that courage of that moment the billy club hit me, I decided to live far and wide, stand up for myself! 

As lesbian women we know deep within us that men don't see us the way we see our girlfriends and wives, they don't worship us like we do ourselves and each other, heterosexual woman as well. When you have romantic love for a woman, everything about a woman feels different doesn't it? You would never want to see her come to harm, you want to protect her, soothe her, keep her safe and warm, now do that for each other.

Even if it's not your wife or girlfriend, do that for your lesbian sisters, your heterosexual sisters. The power of the vagina isn't to be underestimated, every lesbian knows how enticing, powerful and how magnificent it is. We know this more than straight or gay man, because it's dual the energy of Gaia, isn't it?

When we meet naked in our vulnerabilities, body to body, female to female, something magical happens, it's an orgasm like the world has never seen. We flood the world with our juices, we see the blood flow out of us, we flow with the same fluidity through the curves, travel up the peaks and down the valleys into orgasmic spirituality union of all souls travelling together in heavenly bliss. 

We are one, connected through a soul mission bigger than ourselves, we are one, we feel it inside us, each month we know this, we are reminded we're women. We remember we're fragile, we feel vulnerable at times and it's OK, we don't have to be strong all the time. Sometimes other sisters can take the reins as we sit on horses, sometimes we take the reins and they sit on horses. Sometimes you trot and I guide, sometimes I guide and you trot.

Don't be shy, reach out and connect with a hot body, a burning soul on fire, a fully embodied lesbian with her never say die attitude, who will push up her sleeves and sit with you until the storm passes. She is also a shoulder to cry on as well, keeping your pain inside is destroying you right now, heal and grow into all you were meant to be. 

A male centered life will not offer you what you want, they don't fully grasp the full power of a woman nor want it to happen to you and they're not suppose to, we're the future of the world. They don't have to recognise this, as long as we know this, embrace this and mean it every day of our lives, it's fine, we're fine, the world will be fine.

Have the courage to strike out on your own, to sit with yourself and know you're enough, you don't need men to assure you, you are powerful, they know it, they just don't want you to know it. So they cut you down, beat you up and shackle you to them so they don't lose their way, when they are the old ball and chain, we aren't. 

Remember me, Stormé DeLarverie, because only wild lesbians go down in history."


It was Stormé DeLarverie who led the resistance of homophobic police brutality at the Stonewall Inn. Unlike what is commonly communicated, Marsha P. Johnson didn't start itAs the story goes, the New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn, a bar in Greenwich Village frequented by gay men, lesbians, and drag kings and queens. The police raids were habitual. That night DeLarverie saw three officers ganging up on one young man and sprang to the victim’s defense. One of the policemen shouted, “Move, Faggot!” mistaking DeLarverie for a man. The officer shoved DeLarverie, who retaliated with a punch to the face. 

The officer dropped to the ground, bleeding, four officers attacked and handcuffed her in response.

When Stormé pointed out that she was cuffed too tightly, one officer hit her head with a billy club. She turned to the crowd and yelled, “Why don’t you guys do something?” Like that, the seeds of rebellion were sown. The Stonewall uprising kicked off as Stormé was packed into a police van.

On June 28th in 1970, the first anniversary of Stonewall, gays and lesbians marched in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The following year, on the second anniversary, marches spread to Paris, London, Berlin, and Stockholm. Pride was born.

Say her name, remember her, each time you do, you remember her legacy, you tune into her majestic butch energy who knows God is a she, even though she never did say it like this. 

Love light and peace


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