5 Easy Steps & 5 Unique Affirmations To Cultivate A Heart Of Gratitude

I have been cultivating a heart of gratitude for nine years to date with amazing result. I define a heart of gratitude as seeing God (the one and all) in everyone and everything. When we express gratitude, feel gratitude, we are worshipping the God in us. Similar to mantras, chants or songs of praise, this is a way we honour the holy spirit in us. Vibrationally we are saying we appreciate what the universe has offered us, we are ready for more. Energetically, we give energy to what we pay attention to, when we pay attention to what's good and right in our lives, it grows the best parts of us into something larger and greater than us. 

If you struggle with clinical depression, depression or anxiety, reconnecting to someone bigger and greater than yourself will get you out of negativity, remind you of your existence as an infinite being here for a temporary time. 

Here are some tips. 

1. Set down your conditioned understanding of what God is, an archetype, a figure pegged to a religion with a specific look, someone/something you can only know in a particular place or at a particular time. Set down any perceptions of gender or representation, keep an open mind and an open heart of receiving. Reframe it as spirituality is life, God is all around and life is unfolding as it should be. This integrates spirituality into your daily life instead of a detached God, to be revered and feared, you are a mere mortal to be punished and controlled.  

Yeah no. 

Affirmation - Spirituality is life, God is all around and life is unfolding as it should be. 

2. Refrain from judgement or jumping into busyness, to fix, assume or actively participating. Rest deeper, observe your surroundings in silence, do nothing, witness everything. What's good about it? What brings you peace? What do you like about it? 

Affirmation - I do nothing, I witness everything. 

3. Stop all distractions, turn off the TV, switch off your phone, walk alone in your solitude. Commune with nature, find beauty in a grain of sand, enjoy freedom of the breeze. Magic is found in the daily things, you always had it around you, when you have gratitude for the little things, challenges never seem so big by comparison. 

Affirmation - God is free and for the taking. 

4. Have an adventure, break your routine, go off the beaten path, do something unusual. A new environment helps you look at the world with fresh eyes, you start spotting things you wouldn't have previously. How does it resonate with you? How is it speaking to you? 

Affirmation - I am fully present in the moment, enjoying myself in the now. 

5. Share your insights. Take a photo, share with the world, set your gratitude free!  What we give is what we receive, what you hoard blocks you internally. What we set free comes back to us always, blessed are those who know this. 

Affirmation - I give freely, I receive freely. 

Judge not your progress, compare to no one, every journey is different, there is a perfect time and place for everyone. Affirm as needed while practicing these steps.  What you say is who you are, what you do becomes you. I have had such awesome insights from people, nature, art. I am inspired and energised by the magic of the world daily.

What a beautiful life! What a beautiful world! 

I wish the same for you too. 

Love light peace, 


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