10 Magical Life Lessons From Oneness With Nature

Day 355 of 365 Days Of Being 

I started the year setting myself the challenge of 365 days of being, where I relinquish worldly control, allow the flow of my spirit to lead me. Much healing and many revelations later, I felt myself burning out from work so I took a 21 day solo road trip to Western Australia. Round trip from Perth to Exmouth, approximately 3,400 km total. Me, my roof top tent, zippy little car, with a shitload of firsts that I fearless meet head-on by depending on a higher power. 

First time driving on a road trip, first time exploring outside of Perth, first time sky diving, first time swimming with the sea lions, first time experiencing such strong winds, first time sleeping in a roof top tent, first time camping. 

Me, myself and I, at peace, joyous, living in the moment, living life to the fullest! 

I love nature so and much of my spiritual practice has to do with nature, the sun, the moon, the sea, the land and of course our furry friends. The oneness includes leaning into these things when people get too unbearably peopley. 

Good lord, the overwhelming unconstructive criticism and ignorant judgement, we all need to take a break from it at some point. 

Here are some ways to commune with nature, draw in the wonderful energy of oneness to create overall wellness. Your spiritual practice most certainly doesn't need to stop because it's too peoplely. 

Patrol your sacred space like a seagull, when your feathers get ruffled (literally in a seagull sense), acknowledge it without self or external judgement, proceed to protect your place in in this world unapologetically. Do no harm AND take no shit! 

When you feel down, remember we’re one love, you're not alone, you're never alone. When I saw these giant reddish brown mounds, I thought they were dung huts, similar to those in India but I didn’t see many cows around so I was puzzled.  Also, who built the huts?


Until I came across a Termite Museum. I went AHA as spontaneous discovery made me smile. Knowledge gained through the flow of the universe, the thing I love most. 

When you feel down, remember what a termite can do, such a seemingly insignificant little thing by itself, when they gather, great change happens. By one, we’re small, around like-minded people, we all grow larger as love spreads further.

You’re building a clay Termitarium, a giant destiny suitable for our light selves, from soil, saliva and excreta. Excreta that’s considered waste, soil that’s considered dismissively common to those who lack foresight and saliva that’s considered too mundane to those without imagination.

We're all precious and valuable in this world, even if we don't feel like that at times. Look at how Termites are intelligently designed as well. 

The outer crust of their homes are so hardy, they can be active for 100 years or more. The living quarters of a termite mound are like a nerve centre, with a network of tunnels, some over 50 metres long, branching out to a dozen or more trees and other food sources in the vicinity. The network, in many instances, can cover up to a hectare.

I saw hundreds of them by the roadside in Western Australia, patience always pays off, keep on building on even if no one recognises your efforts. Much of spirituality is unseen by physical eyes or decipherable by the monkey mind, it's felt by the soul and seen by the spiritual third eye. 

If you ever feel invisible, remember, you’re a nerve center of amazing vibrations that can rock the world! You are capable of building a shelter from the storm, solid as rock (yes I touched it gently myself), untouchable by the sun, wind and rain. Your contributions are much more than you acknowledge. 

Find your authentic voice, use it unabashedly. Even the birds are free to chirp as they see fit, each species has a unique voice, each bird within the species has a personality all of their own. The same birds always visit me daily, they know where to find me. The right people are capable of finding each other, don’t worry! Continue showing up strong, go with the flow, supportive people are sure to come.

Like turtles, we all have a magnetic GPS since the day we were born, to help us find our way home to our highest spiritually aligned self. Sometimes we have to travel, grow up, hit some walls, learn some lessons. As long as you come back to self, it’s well worth it.

Turtles imprint the coordinates of the shore they're born in, they come back every five years to the same place to birth the next batch of turtles. I had the pleasure of  watching a turtle lay eggs LIVE! Another first, what a privilege! No photos because it's at night, lights will traumatise them. 

Below is a photo taken at Jurabi Turtle Centre at Cape Range National Park in Exmouth, where I want nighttime turtle watching. 

Walk like a three toed Egyptian, I mean Emu, strut your stuff, stand tall and proud. Show off your brilliant plumage, even on an ordinary day, we deserve to be celebrated! No one to celebrate you, celebrate yourself! I had a surprise Emu visit, another first! I met some on the highways, this one walked right up to me. What a way to end the year! I was looking at the way he walks, majestic in his God given glory, his long neck slithering like an air snake as The Bangles's Walk Like An Egyptian played in my head. LOL.

Have childlike curiosity, I always find beauty in the littlest things, like clouds. I do that in Singapore so I definitely did that in Western Australia. Elephants, phoneixes in the sky, sea lion cloud on my way back from swimming with them. Cupid’s arrow, Quokka shaped tree on Rottnest Island after meeting them in person. These little things make me smile, adding to my joy. We can find joy in the simplest things if we have childlike curiousity.


Only those who wander fearlessly, find magic. If I didn’t venture to places tourists shun except for the occasional photo op or selfie to say I have been there. I wouldn’t have found a giant nest that looked like something out of a fantasy novel (the egg in it is the size of a chicken egg, so you see how big it is). Saved a half dead Nudibranch, a sea slug without shell. While wondering if an ancient giant bird will whisk me away in its frightening claws. How the hell big is the bird that built this?

Find a fallen tree that looks like a giant flower, maybe a gift from the giant bird for it's giant mate. Gulp, I was easy prey and potential dead meat for a few hours there. Find sea urchin shells scattered during high tide, stumble across the rare find of palm sized clam shells. Then I saw two Kangeroos bouncing mere metres near me as I changed into my sun protection gear in the open wilderness. Those Kangos saw me in my birthday suit! Cheeky bastards.

Bend and not break, resislience is learned through our challenges. We might feel down temporarily, the most important part is having the refusal to be beaten down permanently. No way Jose, says this tree. I am surviving, not the way other trees do, I am still surviving and there’s no shame to hang on for dear life during tough times. Hang in there, sometimes life is hanging in there, waiting for better times. I know I had to do a lot of that when my mental health was suffering. Be OK with not being OK. 

We’re all God’s creatures, all different, uniquely made, intelligently designed for a purposeful life. All pebbles are different, why not people? Different colours, shapes, sizes, love yourself as is, because you are all you have and you is all we have. We is you and you is I, we is one, one is all. Diversity helps us understand the world from different perspectives, we can all contribute to the magical cauldron of life with open-hearted acceptance.

I love rock hunting, I haven't seen one that's exactly the same yet, exactly why I like connecting with authentic unique people. My latest fad is looking for a heart shape mark in a rock, a heart within a heart I feel it so. I have a collection of heart shaped rocks that remind me of the transformative power of the universe, when I feel down, I ask The Creator to send me one, I always get one 100%, what a blessing it is to know how well-loved I am. We all deserve some magic in life! 

Humility is imperative for a vibrant spiritual life, the tempestuous ocean is both a saint and a sinner in one, as we all are. As the strong currents toss us like leaves in a designer salad bowl. I saw the tiny heads bobbing in the ocean, aware of my own tiny head, human tomatoes in the sauce of life.

We’re nothing, we’re really nothing.
We’re minute yet each so vital to humanity, each powerful inside ourselves, capable of moving mountains, crossing oceans. Have reverence for the all-encompassing embrace of mother nature, the earth, the sky, the sea, the land, we’re one inside each other. Have respect for the being of the other, throw a rope or a lifesaver to someone in need.

We’re all we have, so let’s make the best of it! 

Love Light Peace 


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