5 Foot Care Products Comparison Review

I was recently gifted a Milky Foot Super 4 Exfoliating Foot Pad from Guardian pharmacy. I'm a huge drugstore beauty fan, so I was excited to try it. 

I first knew about a similar product in Kyoto, Japan, where they had the famous Liberta Baby Foot mask, it's going for SGD50 (USD37) online now. I remember I got it much cheaper there, about SGD25 (USD18.50), some limited edition Japanese products are only available in Japan, they have great prices there. 

These finds are my must haves when I travel. I have a whole list of Japanese products to get! Japanese drugstores really are the best in the world. 

After trying it, I was a believer! My foot really was baby soft, I would joke I had reborn feet, I kept touching them because I couldn't believe how wonderful they felt and looked! 

This one uses AHA to exfoliate as well, so I wanted to compare them. 

Before that I used a pumice stone, I tried the PedEgg, I went for professional pedicures, I tried it all! 

The PedEgg was too rough, it left deep scratches on my sole instead. I'm still angry with them 10 years later! They even advertised by using it on a balloon, to show how it doesn't pop it. Talk about false advertising! 

Those scratches are permanent, I still have them. 

The pumice stone was too gentle, it took too much effort, loads of elbow grease with little result.

Pedicures are expensive, I hated spending time in the salon, I like home spas more than spa spa, I'm too impatient! It's terrible, I can't sit still for 2 hours, it's too much life wasted is how I see it! 

Comes in a sealed pack.

Contains a pair of mask soaked socks, with blue tape fasteners.

Wear it for 60 mins, remember to massage the lotion onto your feet for maximum results! It needs to coat your feet to work well. 

The instructions said to wear closed toed shoes to avoid sun exposure. 

AHA makes skin sensitive to sunlight. 

After 2 days 

3rd day 

At SGD24/USD17.76 (usual price SGD32.90/USD24.35), it worked as well as Liberta Baby Foot mask, at a fraction of the online cost. 

What I like about this is it also peels the top of the feet and between the toes, the other options are mainly for the heel and any other obviously calloused areas on the sole, they don't exfoliate the rest of the feet. You would need an additional exfoliation scrub for the rest of your feet!

That's a lot of clutter and money, all at once. 

Even pedicures aren't as comprehensive, it's primarily to prep the toes for nail polish, the condition of the skin is secondary.

A peel is much better than sloughing off surface dead skin, it lasts me a good 3 months. It removes a thick layer, to reveal new skin underneath, so the results are far better. 

I know it looks unsightly while peeling, I was a little shocked the first time I tried it, I was thinking is it suppose to look like this? Eeeewww.....

It also feels baby soft after that!

The best part is it's without any elbow grease, it will get done by itself in 5 to 7 days. I wear closed shoes for 10-15 days just in case. It's the same as linking your monthly bills to auto-pay, easy peasy lemon squeezey. 

I recommend this at least once every 3 months, there's nothing like silky satin feet in bed, it adds a touch of sensuality to sex for sure. 

My ex partner use to complain how rough my feet were and I was so embarrassed! This is one of my beauty secrets I'm happy to share, it solved my feet problem effortlessly. 

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