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The Day You Give Up on Love

The day you give up on love is also the day you will find the kind of love that works for you. It's the day you put aside your own perception of all that means anything to you. Your ego is humbled, wisdom is gain, appreciation increases.  

You now have a choice. A choice to live a jaded life, safely cocooned in a world of black and white or to find a balance that works for you, one that includes self-love and mutuality. 

Yes, you can continue to live in a world of self-denial that happiness is out of bounds, build fences that shelter you from the storm. But soon, you find yourself moving away from the very same thing you yearn for. 

We all get overwhelmed by chemistry, it sneaks up on you, promises to give you the world and then we feel disappointed when there isn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Doesn't love conquer all? Isn't love unconditional? Where did we go wrong? 

We are conditioned to believe in romanticised fairytales and to perceive otherwise is party pooper behaviour. We let one bad apple become a generalisation, conveniently making sweeping statements about the world when all it does is prevent someone new to sweep you off your feet. 

We go all hush-hush about our own relationships that don't hit the impossible mark and speak no evil about the relationships of others that don't fit into this erroneous narrow definition of what love is. Neglecting the aspect of soul connections, pretending it doesn't exist and knowing deep in our hearts that it does. 

We want to believe in the possibilities of love so much that we forget the realities of love. We set the bar according to love stories that inspire the world while forgetting the oh-so-very-human lessons that the same people go through. It's not that love cannot conquer all or it isn't unconditional.

It just doesn't conquer all or is unconditional all the time. 

Love, light and peace, 


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