Love Letter To The Broken Hearted

I know you don't trust love now. Love has betrayed you. Love has abandoned you. Love has hurt you. Love has left you.

One little step, day after day. One foot after another. You will heal. Sometimes you take 2 step forwards and 1 step back. It's OK. Life isn't meant to be linear, the same goes for healing. We stop and we start again. We fall and we get back up again. The important part is getting back up again. 

There is a whole lot of fear, fear of self-harm, trusting others and making wrong decisions. With one side, there is always another. Those are the rules of the universe. The opposite of fear is love. No matter how much you hate love, love is still inside of you. She is still here, covered under layers of blood and grime but still present. Sometimes you don't hear her but she doesn't stop knocking on that closed door. She is living and breathing inside you. She is your best friend and your guide. 

If you felt such love for a person who hurt you, imagine how this love you have, this amazing light, when turned onto yourself, will not just heal you, it will bring out your truest desires. Through our challenges, love has grown wiser, it is now stronger than ever. 

When self-doubt creeps in, say no, that's not me. It's what someone said to me, did to me. An unsuitable person knows nothing about you, that is why it didn't work out. 

When you feel like a failure, understand this, we are all on a journey, you are as valuable as another. We all have a path to walk, your greatest sorrows will be your greatest triumphs. 

When you ask why me? There is a lesson to be learned here. A difficult and painful one. Keep questioning this pain, sit in it, feel it, that is the way to heal fully. The pain you shove aside, just festers and grow. 

When you feel guilt for your reaction or foolish about your decision, understand this, you trusted and you gave it a shot. That took courage and faith, instead of closing your heart to others, you chose to love instead. How is it any fault of yours? 

Forgive yourself. Release yourself and be free. This prison isn't your doing, you didn't ask for this, don't take other people's mistakes and make it your own. This prison belongs to the person who hurt you, a prison he created for himself.

As long as we are growing and moving forward, new beginnings are happening as we speak. Chin up, feel sad for a while, don't dwell in the misery, there are plenty of things to see, people to meet and a life to live. 

Love, light and peace, 


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Divine Ascension (Past, Present, Future) is by Cathrine Lo


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