Find & Send Twin Flame Spirit Animals

Day 24 of 365 Days of Being

Much about Twin Flame energy is sharing spiritual gifts, usually the spiritual leader, often the one high in feminine energy, is capable of such endeavours. Energy doesn't cater to gender norms or physical bodies so whatever your gender identity is, it doesn't matter. You could be a man with high masculine energy for example. One way to quicken the union is to find and send healing guides including spirit animals. This is especially good if your Twin Flame isn't into spirituality and finds Ascended Masters too woo woo. 

Twin Flames just like other kinds of soulmates are remembering past roads already travelled. So even if you're apart, not met up for a day in 3D, your lives are already intertwined. Your Twin Flame's spirit animals are animals you had a significant interaction with. Regardless where or how you met them, these memories are etched in your mind. You feel a special connection to these animals, even if you love all animals, they stand out to you. We all have more than one animal spirit, we have a team of them. 

For example, I had a significant experience with an elephant in Chiang Mai, he kept stopping to feed. When the guide ushered him along, I felt his frustration. So I hugged him, he hugged me back through my heart chakra, warming my heart, we were one. It was so strong, the guide felt it too and looked at us in awe. I love all animals but before recognising my Twin Flame, elephants didn't particularly stand out to me. 

You will be reminded of the importance of them through signs. I saw a cloud manifest into the shape of an elephant during meditation, notice elephant decorations at a restaurant and our early interactions included the video of an elephant. Many more since then, too many to count. Then I found out she likes elephants, always have. 

Another example is a significant experience with a black stallion in Bali, he was a free spirit, rearing to run. I was a beginner rider so played it safe, I kept feeling his disappointment through the tugging of the reins, a sadness that came along with it. When we crossed a river, he became afraid, I hugged him and had an identical experience, as with the elephant. 

When I felt my Twin Flame wanted to run, I was reminded of that exact horse, that shiny stallion with the sparkling black coat. A powerful burst of energy, eager to propel forward. So I said OK, wished her the best, this is what her heart desire, I wasn't going to stand in her way. It meant she would move away from me, her happiness is my top priority. To my surprise, she no longer felt a need to run, she wanted to stay. 

I'm not particularly into horses prior to her, I also kept experiencing signs as well. A fellow Twin Flamer who love horses and wanted to set up an IG account about them, videos on Facebook, etc. I respect all animals as sentient beings, I didn't particularly feel horses resonated with my soul.

After you find the spirit animals, you can gift it to your Twin Flame in 5D, invite them to comfort your Twin Flame if he/she is in distress or you're separated. Sometimes animals make us feel less vulnerable and can do the healing that humans can't. You can share videos or photos via social media, you know you got a hit if your Twin Flame is enthusiastic about it. The eyes light up, the spirit soars, you feel the same way in your heart. This is something you can sense if you're intuitive or something you gauge with your mind. Depending on your stage in the awakening process. 

If you're dating or in a relationship in 3D, ask your Twin Flame to meditate on that animal. You can ask your spirit animal to protect you or ask for guidance. Pay homage to them energetically, interact with them as you would a pet at home. Show them great care, share your love of them with the world. The greater the connection you build between both of you and the world at large, the better the results.

A trip to the zoo or a safari experience would be an excellent date idea. Go with the flow, be not do, see which animals capture your attention, you just might be surprised with an unforgettable experience. You will find that you do share a spirit animal or two. My Twin Flame and I both like sloths plus domestic cats so we share them. 


The Twin Flame connection is such an amazing connection, you can meet in your dreams via lucid dreaming, you recognise each other to bring the ultimate gift of highest selves. It also can be rough going at times. Main thing is keep the interaction going but prioritise your own path, find and execute your purpose with a heart of abundance. Our soul missions brings us a sense of purpose and meaning, an important part in raising vibrations. 

Love, light and peace. 


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