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As the year draws to a close, I am setting my intentions for the year ahead. WOW, to say this is an amazing year is an understatement. Even to say it's a breakthrough year is also an understatement. I think the best way to describe it is a forest in full bloom, wilderness to highest truth.

I had daily spiritual experiences so fast, I can't write fast enough to keep up with it. I have been journalling daily and even then, I AM INSPIRED in ways I never thought possible. Here are some key ones that shaped this year. 

Being able to go into deep meditation in 2 seconds flat, anywhere, even in a crowd. Before my awakening, I meditated for a day, the energetic downloads freaked me out so I stopped. Woe is me, I should have continued. 

Travelling to different dimensions to do healing work, for example the 5th dimension where our spirits are. Also meeting people there, my Twin Flame and someone from my dreams. One particular person I have been helping in the 5th dimension is a successful business man whose health has rendered him immobile. From a spirit curled up in the fetal position in fear, he started floating on his back, then arms spread, more relaxed, finally to standing and lifting his own arms to recieve light.

As it is above, it is below, his health in the 3rd dimension improved remarkably and is now able to walk. This is an especially humbling experience, I have always known conventional success based on wealth does not guarantee our mind, body or spiritual health, therefore I never did pursue money as an objective. More than the effectiveness of it is that he started believing in spirituality, as indicated by voluntary raising of hands as an act of surrender and a receiving heart. 

Visits from people who have passed. This is an accidental discovery, I felt such a connection with a stranger because of her mental health advocacy work. She passed from suicide and when I helped her, I watched her move into the light. I was crying uncontrollably because she told me she was worried about the people she left behind. The crying was her worries passing through me, not mine. She was carrying such a heavy weight on her shoulders. To have such a heart of service that transcended realms, really moved me. It was also a reminder to self-care first so I can continue her legacy as well as do more in my lifetime. 

An evil entity visited me during meditation. This was during a time I was disappointed my Twin Flame relationship wasn't moving forward. A failed meeting made me question was it true or not? I was told that I can have anything, what did I want? I asked what do I have to sacrifice? I already knew it was an evil entity and a sacrifice is required. Light doesn't require a sacrifice, only light can lift dark, never the other way around. He told me, I can do it for you first, you can discuss the terms later. I said no immediately and asked him to leave. Then I spoke to my spiritual guide and confirmed it was a false entity.

I have felt the energy of many people searching for spirituality this year and there have been times when I know evil is involved. When I say evil, I don't mean the conventional disconnection from trauma and fears, although there's a line where it can manifest in flashes of evil where someone becomes a temporary monster. If left unhealed that is.

This is also the reason why it's a terrible idea to meddle with dark forces and ask it to do your bidding. Evil hides in many ways, one is immediate gratification, the sacrifice is your soul. It's NEVER worth it. I understand when someone is in a dark place, the pain can be excruciating and the subsequent desperation that drives it can trick you into thinking any solution is better than what's happening. This is a FALSE and TEMPORARY promise, it might feed you little bits to lure you in, ultimately it's more destruction and NEVER everlasting release. Also, others will sense your dark energy and stay away from you, leaving you in isolation when being surrounded by light is imperative. 

Do not be afraid though, you have free will, use it wisely. You can ask evil to leave, you can fight the darkness, you can heal. We are all capable of doing so, light beings at the core, even if our monkey minds and confused hearts attempts to trick us. 

You are not your suffering. Your suffering isn't you. We ARE love and you ARE loved. We are connected in oneness, there will be people who will help you. Be humble and reach out if you're in a difficult place. Vulnerability is strength, remember this. You ARE important, YOU ARE YOU, the best gift to this world.

BELIEVE. RECEIVE. Be patient. Spirituality and healing is a process, it doesn't happen overnight even to people gifted in this area. 

My animal spirits working for me. A dragon spirit rose out of me when someone told me a story of abuse, I felt her pain like my own and the dragon came out in protection. She was a stranger to me. A lion spirit did the same thing when a manipulator crossed my path, still smiling. She moved 3 steps back after sensing it in my expression. 

I already knew by then that I had a lion spirit in me, actually I always did. Which explains why some people are intimidated by me, even without me saying a word or doing anything. Which puzzled me all my life, especially since I was previously a pushover who lacked boundaries. 

They sense this energy, energy tells no lies. The interesting thing is also this, only a fellow psychic medium saw the dragon and no one saw the lion, even though I was in a crowd. 

I rather be a domestic cat in my daily life not because I have to, it's because of empathy and compassion, to create a safe place for others to heal. I know who I am, I am not someone else's judgment, I am also not someone else's fear.

I am me, the best gift to the world.

As are you. 

So, believe that others understand your pain, sense the goodness of your soul. Believe in the oneness. Believe that there're still good people around because other than me, there're many more. I sense the beautiful light of people every day. LIGHT ALWAYS WINS DARK.

With faith, all is possible.


My Twin Flame's spirit merging into mine. Her spirit floated above me and entered me, we are finally one, at peace with each other. This is the best Christmas gift, from her and also from me. Actually, we're two sides of a flame so we were always one. This is the result of collectively combating our individual fears and trust in a higher power. The most intriguing part is that she's my Twin Flame and ALSO my soulmate. How amazing is that? 

This is a hard fought battle because it's truly difficult for Twin Flames to be in union. All that you read are true, all the fears, running and chasing, etc. She has been a crucial part of my awakening and subsequent healing. She came at just the right time. The timing of the universe is wonderful, I bumped into her three times in my life and the connection was immediate. I also ran from her each time. Oops, sorry my love. I wasn't ready for you.

Now I am, I really am. 

Love, light and peace, 


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  • Tommy says...

    I am so touched and moved by what I just read. Thank you for blessing my life.

    January 12, 2018

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