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Awakening The Twin Flame Relationship

Awakening The Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame as the name entails are two halves of one flame. It's a once in a lifetime experience. The TF connection is an immediate soul recognition, eyes will widen, souls will sing, a cosmic connection. It's a you-know-when-you-know moment. It's a magnetic attraction where even soul mates pale in comparison. It's the destined union of yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy. 
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Have You Had A Mini Awakening?

Have you ever had an eureka moment when you heal some pain or found a perfect solution to a problem? When you truly let go of the pain of a break up or you decided a job ain't for you or you answered some deep life questions?

Congratulations, that's a mini awakening. Awakenings have many different levels, that is why a spiritual practice is important. You can always ascend to the next. 

Often, people feel so detached from spirituality, like it's something reserved for the religious or the dreadlocked treehugger or the artists. When it's happening in our lives daily, to everyone. Everyone can own it. It's coming home to yourself. It's just that you don't notice the signs along the way so you feel unloved by a higher power, maybe even a tad jealous of those you deem better off. Unfortunately, people carry their pain for a lifetime. The disconnect is real. If you are suffering, come to me. 

Awakenings don't give a toss about privilege. A higher power is an equal opportunity lover, no one, I mean no one is left on the wayside.

A big awakening will heal the deepest sorrows, untie the biggest knots. Your entire life will be revealed to you, it will all make complete utter sense, every path, every moment, every gift, every sorrow, everyone. Whole, complete, at peace.

It's the universe giving you a taste of the possibilities, like an ice-cream taster. When you can have the entire scoop, take home the entire tub, create your own flavours, start selling ice-cream, throw in a waffle or two, to give someone a taste of the beautiful.

So here's me selling ice cream with waffles, inspired by the ultimate ice cream with waffles I had today. 

Smoky Peppermint Ice Cream topped with Salty Egg Yolk Sauce on a Charcoal Waffle dipped in Caramel.

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