Day 23 of 365 Days of Being - Super Blue Blood Moon Healing Manifestations

Day 23 of 365 Days of Being
The incredibly Rare Super Blue Blood Moon is about to appear for the first time in 150 years. Sky gazers will be treated to a rare convergence of celestial events on 31 January—a blue moon, a super moon, and a total lunar eclipse, all in one. A blue moon is the second full moon of a month -- in January, there was a full moon on New Year's Day and on Jan. 31 -- while a super moon is when the full moon appears larger and brighter to the naked eye. A total lunar eclipse has the direct sunlight completely blocked by the earth's shadow. The only light seen is refracted through the earth's shadow. This light looks red for the same reason that the sunset looks red, due to rayleigh scattering of the more blue light.

Here's how to maximise the power of this celestial event. 

Charge your crystals. Many people have different methods of cleansing and recharging crystals. Some wash them in the ocean, some rinse them under taps, some sage them, etc. Personally I usually like using a singing bowl. Some crystals aren't so good with salt water. I did feel the energy of brass singing bowls made under full moons and found them more powerful than the others. I felt it before the sales staff told me so there is certainly something about it. Whatever way you choose, you cannot go wrong charging them under a full moon, especially a Super Blue Blood Moon as such. All you have to do is lay them out and let the moon work it's magic. You can also do this on other full moon days. 

Meditate under the moon. Move from the mind and heart space to your spirit space, see where it leads you. Raise your arms up into the sky, reach for the moon and ask what is the moon telling me. Nature offers us many life answers if we remain still and respect them as part of our oneness. 

Shadow work time. Be courageous and face the fears you have hidden deep inside, be honest and let it flow. Do you have self-doubt? Do you not feel good enough? Do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself fully? We're socially conditioned to force our shadow sides into remission, driven by many fear inducing practices to completely eradicate them. Creating a world of over medicated people who no longer want to live or walking zombies with no real life within. 

We fear them so much and others fear them equally much if not more. Endless negative thoughts of not trying hard enough to be a good person or concerned that we will be judged or we judge ourselves harshly. On top of that we fear our negative thoughts themselves, how it feels uncomfortable, thinking there's something wrong with us if we aren't happy shiny people all the time. Well, no one is. I sense distress and suffering every day, I never met one person who doesn't experience it. 

It's a matter of whether they choose to show it or not. Whether they put up a convincing facade. I'm sure we have all been there done that. Smile when we really didn't want to, joke when we're feeling sad or know what society expects of us from our looks to our bodies and the way we carry ourselves. We can hoodwink the world, we can't hoodwink ourselves in the silence of the night. When we're alone, it gets real, too real. Also why people fill up their lives with meaningless busyness and superficial people, to deny this truth inside. 

It wasn't until I faced my shadow side completely that I found profound peace. Having a shadow side doesn't mean you're not a good person, we all have shadow sides. As long as you don't dwell in the shadow side or feed it, you're fine. 

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Instead, practice self-compassion, what you accept, you let go, they no longer rule your life. The more we try to squelch them, the more they rule your life. It's OK to have some negative thoughts, it's normal, it's human. It's OK, it's normal to have a crisis when you have gone through traumatic events, it's OK to have an existential crisis even if you don't. It's OK and normal to feel down when events distress you. As much as we're filled with much goodness, light beings at the core, we're also prone to the toxic social conditioning of the world that traps us in the illusion of only one way  to live. If we're not happy 24/7, there's something wrong with us when it most certainly isn't so. We're as fragile as we're resilient, we're as soul beautiful as we can be outwardly ugly at times. 

This is all part of what I call the Soul Purification Cycle, where we shed old paradigms, drop old habits that no longer serve us, shift our minds, hearts and spirits to a place of receiving abundance. To ascend into a brand new enlightened more aware self. The despair and disillusionment is temporary, often it's not only what you're going through but the projections of fear driven reactions around you that makes it worse. That's also why we find it difficult to show people our vulnerabilities, they don't handle it well. We feel more distress telling them than not. No worries, you have all you need inside, you might think you're alone but you're never alone. We're all connected, all one, all soul relatives. 

Understand that their reactions in no way affects your worth, they come from a place of fear driven suffering as well. You are not their reactions, you are not your suffering, you are you, a perfectly loved light being especially designed for this world, caught in the false self, trying to remember your real self, that whole loving self. 

What's called into the head via knowledge touches the heart and then feeds our spirit. We all have a shadow side, that's why we need each other in our oneness to help us with our shadow sides. Only through courageous caring truth telling or learning lessons through human catalysts that we humble our egos, reaching a deeper understanding of self and of life. It's not surprising that the most empathetic and compassionate people are the ones who have seen great darkness and therefore understand light. Or that the best healers have experienced great darkness themselves, gone through personal struggles to come out the other side. When we're aware of our shadow sides, we know when to self-care, refrain from sinking into a permanent state of despair and disillusionment. Honour that duality within us all, accept it and you will find peace. 

Love, light and peace. 


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