INFJs & Empaths Finding Your Purpose

Day 21 of 365 Days of Being

I had someone ask me this so I thought I would share it with everyone. My thoughts about purpose and destiny. 

I encountered many INFJs and Empaths who enjoy helping others but really can't stand being around people either. It sure sounds like a paradox, one that is quite common. My inner voice of "I am in the right place, doing exactly what I need to be doing" came to me in 2016 and since then has become louder, along with it is my confidence. I never had this affirmation when I serviced in other related areas. 

I consider humanity my people in general, INFJs and Empaths even more so. The reason is I'm both and I think we are all called to help others who are travelling past roads or are travelling the same road. I went all the way from volunteerism to social service to becoming a writer. 

A purpose might not be direct healing in the counselling sense, we all have our personal considerations and our unique talents. Our purpose also changes with the seasons, it doesn't stay the same, that doesn't make it less or more of a purpose. 

The universe recognises intentions first and foremost, if you have the intention to benefit the world, it will manifest in whatever you do. Often when we speak about a purpose it's about work so I will focus on that. 

Helping people can be a variety of ways, it's about a balance between personal fulfilment and contribution to the world. I spoke to an artist in a crisis and she was very much about art for art sake, she's talented and therefore successful even celebrated. It was all about her art, she had no consideration about her contribution to the world which was what lead to her distress. She is skilful, experienced, she also never saw how her art can contribute to the greater good. 

I think whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the search for purpose and meaning involves others. No matter how independent, how successful, how talented or how much we love our solitude. Or how much we feel incapable or stuck, the same reasons remain. Without this consideration, our existence can never transcend our limited lonesome selves and lead us to our true beings. I believe we're all created for a reason, with a purpose, this reason looks different for everyone. It's something that celebrates our beings and doesn't leave self out of the equation. 

Many INFJs and Empaths are the most empathetic and caring people I know. Excellent at showing support and honest to a fault. Sometimes prone to over thinking and over feeling, potentially trapped in anxiety and depression. 

I think a purpose is something you're passionate about that heals self as it heals others, it isn't completely in service or completely self-servicing, it's serving self and serving others at the same time. When it feeds your soul first and foremost, you will find it's sustainable and you are willing to go on no matter how difficult it may be at times. The idea of service doesn't leave the server out of the equation, it includes the person who is executing it. Everything comes from self first, when you know how to serve self well, you will know how to serve others well. Sometimes we need to live for something larger than self to find ourselves, something worth managing the anxiety and depression for. 

Everyone is of innate worth, our worth doesn't diminish based on the opinion of others or what area we pursue. Service is a conscious and intentional choice that result in actions. It doesn't go away, the execution of it might change, the heart that drives it doesn't. So if you find yourself stuck, don't be afraid of exploring your passions, every giant leap comes from a little step, what's seemingly not in service on the surface could very well be an area you're really called to serve. 

Love, light and peace. 


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