Day 4 of 365 Days of Being - All At Will, Do As You Will.

Day 4 of 365 days of being

Spoke to several dog owners in the last couple of days. I don't like to disrupt the flow of our conversation with phototaking so there're none. I have often wondered how animals are great at being and humans aren't. We are called human beings, not human doings. 

I learn a lot from animals, especially my cat soulmate Oskar De La Mew. The first time I met him, I knew he was mine. When I carried him for the first time and he melted into my arms, our souls got each other completely. There was a feeling of home. 

What one of them said to me was that his dog is more loyal than his kids. It was as authentic as it comes. When I laughed and said, I like your honesty. He said, well, it's true. He's a lovely guy, the entire conversation had a flow I don't often find. No power struggle, no ego fights, just pure getting to know. Open, honest, heart to heart. Quite surprising since he was a Chinese male, significantly older than me. In Asian culture where age is king and hierarchy is strictly adhered to, not to mention the privilege of patriarchy, he saw me as an equal.

During the conversation, what stood out to me is when he mentioned his dog was scheduled to be put to sleep because of a pinched nerve that makes him twitch constantly. He rescued him, he said. With tears shining in his eyes and a catch in his voice. His dog is one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen, his bouncing self barking in excitement, speaks joy to my heart. It made the twitch almost unnoticeable. His robust fur competed with his strapping body, you can't quite tell if there's more fur or more body, he was obviously well taken care of. 

When he first came, he was shitting and peeing all over, I think with love, anything is possible. He said.

I nodded. This is what I believe too. 

Then why do we like our pets more than some people? Come on, let's get real, everyone has those moments. We find people difficult as they're loveable, sometimes the more loveable they're, the more difficult the contrast is when they're not. We love people, we also find them too peopley. The exact reason why when the honeymoon part of a relationship ends, the real relationship begins. 

Being a pushover in the past meant that when I did assert myself on very few occasions, it came as a shock to others. When I put my foot down and decide to leave a relationship after I have emptied myself out, it comes as a shock that I would actually do it. Sigh, really?

I'm not interested in impressing someone, never was, I was always interested in being me. Finding the real me, doing the real me and being the real me. Of course this seems simple but actually isn't at all. If so, all the wellness related industries will collapse. 

I think we expect people to get it, to get how to be a human. To be emotionally available, to be connected to self and others. To be automatically happy and fulfilled. To have respect, empathy, compassion. When there's no life manual and no to do list of big life questions to answer. The people who are designated the role of teachers like parents are caught in their own fears, even pass it onto us. How can people who aren't whole, teach someone else to be whole? 

We raise the bar so high and feel so lousy when we fall so short. If we do meet the bar, we feel lousy others aren't hitting the mark. We even keep this bar out of reach, a pole vault of Olympic standards when we are all amateur ego driven athletics tempted to do the sprint instead of the marathon. Either way, we're our own worst enemies, setting ourselves up to be disappointed at every turn. 

Pets are loveable because there's consistency and they know how to be well. They're better at forgiving and letting go. Better at loving and receiving love, no fuss no muss. They know their soul mission and executed it naturally. 

Ever see a cat trying to be an eagle? Or a dog trying to be an elephant? They aren't equipped with the capabilities of other animals. If a cat tries to fly, it will fall splat so it doesn't. If a dog tries to trumpet, it's not going to get anywhere anytime soon. Howl or bark, that they can do, so that they be and that they do. 

We tend to see humans as a collective and so are held to one standard when inside this collective are different spirits with different capabilities. We are called to different areas of service, we all are natural experts in our areas of be. Other areas, not so much, which is why we need others. 

It's not so much the search for happiness itself that's traumatising, it's the expectation that we must be happy at all times or there's something wrong with us. Feeling is the human experience, all our emotions are our teachers, the persistent want to eradicate them kills off parts of us along with it. It's the lack of awareness when someone is in distress that's the problem, not the feelings themselves. You're not your monkey mind nor your conflicted emotions, you're none of it. It all IS, a neutral state. Only your spirit is everlasting, the abundance is above not in our human vessels. 

Disconnection is normalised even celebrated to such a large extent that we lose ourselves daily to the world. A world of robotic stoic people with no purpose or meaning. We look for zombies in horror movies when this is a world of zombies so caught up in the illusion, they think they're not just human, superior humans and do nothing close to human. 

It's sad you know, sometimes I grief the suffering of the world. I feel the pain of the world as my own, it used to be only when I interacted with someone. Now, post awakening, no matter how near or far someone is, I feel it. We're all crucial pieces of the humanity puzzle, all equally loved and valued. When one hurt, all are suffering, it's a matter of if you are conscious about it or can feel it. You can know it in your heart, believe in equality and equal opportunity. Feeling it is a whole other thing, it cements it. 

When you do, you will understand not just the suffering of others, also the suffering of your own. The real release lies here, in our mutuality suffering, the striking beauty of humanity. 


This expectation of perfection is a fear driven one that captures many in a downward spiral. The more you force it, the deeper you sink into it. The fear gets larger, the more your ego tries to control it. How do you get out of quicksand? You relax, you do the opposite of what the controlling fearful monkey mind wants to do. Setting down of the ego, arriving at a teachable heart with humility that will offer release, along with it an increase in empathy and compassion. 

Going with the flow is the highest form of control. Peaceful, calm synchronicity, bliss on earth. All at will, do as you will.

Love, light and peace. 


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