Day 10 of 365 Days of Being - Lucid Dreaming Brings Healing Revelations

Day 10 of 365 days of Being

I skipped posting for day 9 because I was busy catching up on time's up and advocating time's up. What an inspirational time to be a woman! It really is. I think that's a continous challenge in being, that guilt, self-blame and shame that comes with it. Am I being distracted? Am I being lazy? Why am I being led here? But I believe in women's rights, I personally experienced how healing finding my voice, having a voice is. This is why I believe in being a voice for those who have been silenced. Besides I'm also writing a book at the same time so it's not that I'm just kicking back. 

I was trying my best to be in 2017 and it's because I experienced the benefits of it that I decide to make 2018 a year of be. Not surprisingly, my word from above in 2018 is grace. I sure need it, always did, but now more than before. 

I think be leads us down surprising roads and can offer amazing lessons that grow us, experiences that brighten up our lives and show us a side that we never thought possible. Timely service is as important as service itself. I don't feel it's a waste of my time because it does involve healing through words, my soul mission, it also adds meaning to my life. 

Now, onto day 10.

Lucid dream researcher Beverly D'Urso has been a lucid dreamer since she was seven years old. She has worked with psychophysiologist Stephen Laberge, the founder of the Lucidity Institute.

She clarified that to have a lucid dream you must know that it’s a dream while you’re dreaming. That's it. It doesn't require that you can control anything in your dream, though control is what beginning lucid dreamers often aim at.

I have been lucid dreaming and during it, I feel I am in an in-between state. I know my body is in a state of rest, I can hear my cat meowing in real life, I can choose to wake up or dream on. No, literally. LOL. It's similar to being an observer in real life, a state of relaxed detachment, present but unaffected. 


I always want to continue, I don't control it because as in real life, I prefer to go with the flow. I'm not too sure why someone would want to control it, that's something to research another day. 

There're too many dreams to mention, one of note involves my twin flame and a celebrity who I don't know in person but felt connected through her music. I'm not mentioning names because a part of it is controversial, I don't want my writing to bring any potential harm to others.

It starts with my twin flame sitting with me at an alfresco cafe, a swanky cafe in the middle of downtown. She's engrossed in a work meeting and I'm waiting for her. 

In comes a muscular handsome guy in a tank top and jeans, perfectly coiffed, he obviously took pride in his appearance. He's loading boxes into a moving van. I was observing him and noticed he was in a state of anger. Then the celebrity sat down beside me, she looked sad and suddenly bursted into tears. I'm used to strangers telling me their stories in real life so this isn't exactly a total surprise for me. The sudden tears is a first though. 

She told me her boyfriend (handsome guy) dumped her, her business just went bankrupt, everything is failing apart. My heart really went out to her. I sense she has been too strong for too long, her work has always been a success yet The One remains elusive. A romance is what her heart yearns for, her work gave her meaning and that kept her together, now that both failed concurrently, it was devastating. I hugged and consoled her, he's not the one for her, this I know. He doesn't accept her for her, he liked the glitz and the glamour that comes with her and not her at the core. 

She's also an energy sensitive so she got that where I came from, deep inside she knew. She always came from a place of empty and this drew her takers. Her being an energy sensitive meant she could accumulate thoughts and emotions about people, good for writing songs, singing them, not so good for her love life because she doesn't know how to manage the energetic flux it triggers inside, constantly absorbing the energy of others. A common Empath challenge. 

She reached a state of calm soon enough because she has always been strong. Then she suddenly grabbed my hand and led me off. Now, this surprised me.

She led me into the building behind us, into the lift like a swirl of wind. I had a knowing this was her office building. We arrived five floors up, she semi-dragged me to a fireman's pole in the middle of the room, asked me to hold on tight to her and took a quick leap down the pole. Before I could open my mouth, I was sliding down the pole in exhilaration, the rush of wind through my hair, having the time of my life. When we reached the bottom, my heart was pumping, adrenaline flooding my head, my cheeks flushed, my spirit in awe. What a gift! 


She threw her head back and laughed, wild and free. She had a beautiful laugh that echoed down the halls and resonated through my being. At that moment, I knew she wanted to return the gift of comfort. Then she left as quickly as she came, walked away in a breeze. Poof, gone. 

I walked over to the car park to look for my twin flame. She was agitated, where were you? She asked me. I quickly told her what happened. She looked sad and said, you know she's suicidal? My hand flew to my mouth in shock, I was also touched my twin flame's empathy, so her. We left in her car together, both sadden by the news. 

Then I woke up because my cat was calling in real life, I ignored him for a bit and felt it was time to see what's up with him. Prior to an awakening, I only remembered a handful of dreams. All my dreams didn't involve people I knew in real life or had any actual contact with me. All my dreams always played out in sequence, there were no skipped scenes. There was a clarity in them that I now understand was the gift of Claircognizance I always had, an inner knowing that extends beyond intuition. 

5 to 7 years ago, I can't remember the actual date, I dreamt about the fireman's pole. I remember standing at the top of that pole in a firehouse and hearing the fire alarm go off, I saw the firemen slide down that one storey pole without hesitation, I thought how courageous are they! When I looked down into the hole, they waved at me to slide down and I was too afraid to do so. Then I woke up, feeling miserable and anxious. 

When I had this recent dream, I felt elated after, fully recharge, excited even. I went to explore what it was telling me. After some reflection, I know it's a reminder to be open to others, not let my bad experiences with toxic people mire my trust in others. That there're indeed like-minded people around that are willing to reciprocate. I helped her, she helped me back, easy peasy. It's OK to not be the helper all the time, it's OK to let others contribute to my life too.

That our fears are never as bad as we make them out to be. Five floors compared to one floor in the past. Sometimes I need to lean on others to conquer our fears, that doesn't make me weak, it makes me someone who allow others to touch my heart. I know myself, I'm capable of growing 10% affection to 50% affection all on my own. Being an energy alchemist is me. I not just reciprocate, I'm capable of turning darkness into light as well as magnifying it. 

She was my senior in school, even as a teenager she was talented, choreographing a dance from scratch, hand picked me out of hundreds to be one out of six dancers. I had great admiration for her then and now. 

I checked out her Instagram and spotted a post that mentioned "energy don't lie" and other posts about her failed relationship. I also checked out her Facebook Page and chanced upon a video where she mentioned how she write songs and how she went into the music industry. She said in self-surprise, "I sense these things about people, I don't know how, I capture these moments." She talked about how she sacrifices herself to dive deep into her own emotions and the emotions of others. Bells went off in my head as I watched it. Ding ding ding, Empath alert. That is also what I do as well. Every word resonated with my spirit, it could have come out of my mouth, in the exact same way. 

In the video, she admitted she was a perfectionist, she wanted everything to be perfect. I felt that caused her much anxiety, so much so that it emanated from the video. I attended her first ever solo concert some years back and I remember she was a bundle of nerves that night. I even shouted encouragement to her because I sensed it.

The difference is that I kicked my punishing inner critic to the curb, I'm all for striving for the best, growing myself is of upmost importance to me, I also balance it with finding peace and joy in the now. I don't believe that creativity requires me to drain myself, many artists see it as purely about creativity when they're serving a purpose of healing through art whether they consciously know it is a whole other thing. I'm more for centered inspiration, that's how 365 days of being came about. LOL. 

She also talked about the connection to the universe, the other lady said she might have psychic abilities. That her music helped people heal. Ding Ding Ding again. 

In other posts, she mentioned destruction prior to resurrection. She even named her recent concert that. All I have been mentioning on my IG in 2017, what I call the ascension purification cycle, also my lived experienced in 2016. 

There's much more, too much to mention, all that resonated with me. I hope I do get to meet her in real life one day, I think I can contribute much to her life. I will also keep my revelations about my twin flame for another day. 

If you do dream about a particular person, no harm finding out more about them. The universe works in miraculous ways, nothing is a coincidence, we are one, as long as you come to others with a humbled heart of learning, a take away is a sure thing. 

Love, light and peace. 


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