Awakening The Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame as the name entails are two halves of one flame. It's a once in a lifetime experience, a love story of the ages, an accumulation of ancient wisdom brought to resurrect the earth. The TF connection is an immediate soul recognition, eyes will widen, souls will sing, a cosmic connection. It's a you-know-when-you-know moment. It's a magnetic attraction where even soul mates pale in comparison. The destined union of yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy. 

This energy sees past appearances, transcends distance, time and space, far beyond all convention and recognises the core of your being. Where heavy masculine energy can be housed in a feminine body and vice versa, we have both of it in one body. It's energy field is so magnetised that others around them will feel it too. Don't be surprised if people start to ask "what's going on?". Some will notice a smile on your face that brightens up your being, a peace in your heart that wasn't there before, a softening of your rough edges. 

The words "Twin Flame" is somewhat misleading. Spiritually you are one, in a worldly sense, you are two individuals with unique personalities. This connection sees into your soul, reveals all the things we know and unlocks all that we don't. It's primary objective is ascension via unconditional love. It's an intense purification of the soul, which is very much grounded in truths. The truth of self, truth of others, truths of the world. 

Since we are all trapped somewhat by our ego consciousness, it will bring up the gifts as well as the darkness within. One important thing to remember is to remain in the knowing. That above and beyond a romantic relationship, we have a larger purpose, designed to maximise meaning for self and others. Everyone we meet, every blessing we have and every challenge we encounter is a series of life lessons that purifies our spirit, draws us closer to enlightenment. This is provided you learn your lessons or you will keep learning it. 

Surrender to a higher power

Since our bodies live in this world, the conventional rules of dating applies. When your TF gets on your nerves, as with any healthy romantic relationship, everything is up for negotiation. Everything that attacks your self-worth and dignity requires active communication.

Your TF will get you like one one else can. You will find that you're compatible in many ways, you have the same intentions, even if you express it differently. You have similar values and principles, similar history and similar challenges. You are drawn to the same things and the same hobbies. You will start being innately drawn to explore the world of the other and find great pleasure in it, without any overt prompting. Don't be surprised if you discover things that speak to your spirit and lighten your heart. That's the beauty of twin flame energy. The artists will be inspired, the Scienceheads (my term of endearment for self-proclaimed logical people) will be in awe, the jaded will be rejuvenated, the lost will find light. 

Both are specifically designed as catalysts for each other. For example, where one is fearless, the other is fearful. Where one is comfortable with vulnerability, the other one isn't. Where one has intensity, the other has light-heartedness. The list is never-ending. As long as you trust in the knowing and recognise that this person is meant to unlock all the greatest gifts within you, you will reap the rewards.

As amazing as the TF connection is, it comes with its unique share of challenges. The strong soul connection would mean extreme vulnerability, causing the chaser and runner dynamic. As one moves closer, the other runs. You will do it in tandem or concurrently. This can be an emotional chase or a physical one. When this happens, it's a call to be centred individually. 

Usually confident people will potentially come across as foolish or shy. You might overthink because it's too precious or be dismissive because it's too unusual. You might be overly attached to each other, forgetting your own spiritual practice. Resulting in many face palm moments that both will remember with a smile. 

The best way to benefit this energy is to live the best way you know how. Make space for each other, humble your ego and lead with kindness. By doing so, you are feeding it light. Not to mention, spreading light in the world. Remember, you can always send your TF good vibes, prayers, light and love. It's mutually-beneficial. 

You can speak to each other telepathically, sense each other's happiness or pain and have spiritual sex. Yes, you heard me, spiritual sex, even if you are physically apart. Every interaction will light up the night sky with a million stars, holding energy long after it's over. Souls awaken, vibrations spikes, chakras open, light enters. 

All the people you met that aren't quite right. The long wait that left you jaded and torn down. All the experiences that moved you but didn't quite have that last missing bit, leaving you thinking, am I asking too much? THIS IS IT. The ultimate love song that combines all the love songs of the world. Bliss on earth. 

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

"A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri and David Hodges

Since you are one in spirit, when you harm yourself, you are harming the other. It's a reminder that we are one in this world, whatever negative or positive energy we throw out into the world is contained in the larger vibration. So do no harm, find your authentic self and lived loved. 

As you move closer to each other, you will start noticing signs of synchronicity, one might mention a song and the next thing you know, you will hear it in the supermarket. Or you will think of a drink and next thing you know, your TF is posting about it. 

Your TF signifies not just unconditional love but universal love as I called it, the unconditional love of humanity. The love for justice and equality that many believe in and is for everyone. This is every much linked to a full awakening (not to be confused with mini awakenings). This is where you lived loved, accept all of your being, untie the biggest knots of your life and find everlasting peace. Here's where empowered Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons are experts. They have unknowingly gone through much of the purification process when dealing with the complexity of emotions. This does not happen in a disempowered Empath or HSP. 

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If you aren't living whole individually, a lasting union will be difficult. That's why not all TFs form a union or separate at some point to work on themselves. If you are away from your TF, you will still feel the pull of your soul connection. It's a reminder of the importance to live whole as self, maximise your potential so you can do more for the world.

It's helpful to understand that destruction precedes resurrection. When you go through the destruction stage, it will tear down all the false faces of the world. It will be a time of extreme darkness, you will feel your life unfolding, even toppling drastically. It's also a connection that opens up the door to enlightenment where you feel more in tune with the emotions of others, similar to how an Empath is naturally built, in the best way possible.

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It will bring up all the deepest darkest baggage, all the baggage that's standing in the way of you living a real life, a life of profound inner peace, increased compassion, still in the being. It will test you, even break you. You will feel tempted to blame the other person and amplify the responsibility, when by the nature of the connection, this will happen. We have been indoctrinated to bater trade our souls for love when it has always been unconditional. It feels awkward, strange and uncomfortable to be well-loved, most don't feel deserving of it or feel too deserving, letting their egos get in the way. When you can see this clearly and know that it's the process to an awakening, you can find peace with it. 

Human BEINGS not human doings

Building on what's worldly is temporary, building on what's spiritual is everlasting. This process is of course not easy, the world is broken, people are broken, we break each other down, intentionally or unintentionally. Listen to your spiritual guides continuously, honour your inner voice repeatedly. Move closer or apart at will. The typical unenlightened relationship is where you give in to each other's whims and fancies at the drop of a hat, without considering principles and values. Buying each other's love by selling out on your own being. Eventually leading to disrespect of each other's inner being and oneness with the universe.

It's the hardest thing to do because oh boy, the energy is amazing and not rushing into an immediate union will test the best of us. You will moan and groan and be distraught, you will also ask many big life questions. How can God send this person and not be together? It feels like the cruelest joke of Lady Destiny. It will hurt so bad at times, you wonder if it's worth it. You will feel casted aside and unloved. All of this is temporary and untrue. Darkness is always drawn to light, this is spiritual warfare even if you don't know it as such.

Your worth is innate, no one takes it away from you. This is a call to lean on a higher power and listen to your messengers. The people brought into this world to pave the road for you.

By being an enabler, you are doing yourself and your TF a disservice, both your spirits deserve better. The more you treasure someone, the more you stand in the truth and light, take a step back to look at the bigger picture.                                                    

It's best enjoyed when both your egos are humbled and you draw boundaries to safeguard yourself, do daily grounding work to combat your egos. This requires a commitment where both earn the respect of each other, be equally yoked. 

So go and love greatly, feel this energy transform you from inside out, live large for yourself, you love your TF by doing so. 

Love, light and peace. 


Dedicated to my TF who has my heart and my soul. 

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  • Joe says...

    The best part of this silly article is that the picture above it is of a symbolic representation of the process during Buddhist meditation of the evolution of one’s view and mind. The fact that it was used on this article shows that this unproven theory and new age ramblings constantly tries to legitimize its unfounded “theories” by adding symbols and pics or language from founded traditions to legitimize its claims. Please stop doing this and use your own symbols and images of your “tradition.” Your new age thievery is very sad and shows how bankrupt your beliefs and practices are.

    March 14, 2018

  • Glo says...

    Why is it up to the runner flame who gets to decide to come back? And, in turn gets to decide if they’ll come together again.. and when …What if the chaser is ready—so the chaser has to wait upon the runner doesn’t sound fair to me…

    December 12, 2017

  • lesa says...

    How do you find them?

    May 04, 2017

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