Day 15 of 365 Days of Being - A Watch Led By A Crown Saves Nine

Day 15 of 365 Days of Being

In a nutshell, this is how I see life. Our mind is the lug, it's great for problem solving, not so great for understanding spirit, spirit are the gears within, only seen when you look past the face and the lugs, open yourself up. The body is the casing, only seen from the back.

The spirit is central to everything but often the last to be nurtured, only when questions of the mind and emotions remain unanswered. Emotions is the glass face, it's as fragile as it's important, we view everything through our emotions. A crisis is the alarm going off, it's our being telling us that an emergency tuning is required. It can be a mild distressing situation, a repetitive series of small incidents, indicative of a larger challenge that escalates into a crisis over time.

When pain is left unhealed, it's like a watch soaking in the storm, it might not immediately stop working. When water seeps into the watch, the face gets foggy, like how we view life through the lens of foggy emotions, you can't see the meaning or purpose of life, the larger picture. You forget that the spirit remains exactly the same, your gears are still functional, the surface may become foggy or scratched, the insides are still resilient and working. We're not our emotions, nor are we our monkey minds, all our thoughts and emotions IS, a neutral state. 


Each time the alarm goes off, if someone is connected to self, you hear it, if someone trust oneself, you heed it. If someone is disconnected, you on longer hear your inner voice calling, you no longer trust yourself. If someone suffers from a broken spirit, there is no synchronicity, chaos reigns, resulting in all kinds of suffering, manifesting in a broken mind and body. 

The ego is only important when the rest is in place, without the other parts, the strap by itself is useless. It does have a healthy function of good self image, knowing your worth and your value. It can look pretty, swopped for different materials from genuine leather to basic plastic, it is still an ego, no matter how pretty it looks on the outside. If the focus is on solely on the strap, you're never going to learn anything. 

Psychic abilities are an extension of intuition, it lies on a continuum, the bezel looks merely decorative because the mind and emotions are more highly valued in modern society. When both intuition and psychic abilities play a central role in time, often providing ancillary data that remain under unexpressed thoughts and emotions. This is why going with the gut or trusting your instincts never leads you astray. It's the lack of belief that's often the challenge. 

It lies close to the crown (spiritual guides), as does psychic abilities. Post awakening, psychic abilities often spike. We're all psychics, some are more talented than others, some discover this earlier than others. Some are more centered so receive clearer messages. These messages have to be filtered through the mind and emotions as per normal so only when someone is energetically balanced within, serve without the hindrance of an ego, can these messages provide the clarity needed. 

Spiritual guides set the time and date, we all have our own pace, our books are already written, honouring your time and place is as important as learning and growing. Distress happens when we rush ahead or we fear falling too far behind. Our jobs are to go with the flow and execute our purpose well. If we surrender to our guides, the spirit is automatically aligned, if we replicate the teachings of our guides on earth, service is a come with. 

We're all amazing timepieces, each unique and beautiful beyond what our physical eyes can see. Designed in painstaking details because we're worthy of such devoted attention from above, designed from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet, especially to bring the best of me into this world. Your throne is available, all you need to do is step into your rightful place to arrive home to me. 

Love, light and peace. 


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